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Toomakesense is not just a blog but a brand/company fueled by passion and the revenue generated from advertising/affiliate network. We share valuable contents for free and make it accessible without any membership payment or login. We keep the site updated as much as we can and we are constantly working towards re-modifying our website so that you and other visitors can find all you are looking for in the quickest time possible.

Why we started using Ad network

While passion can keep one consistent on there niche of interest, it is not just enough. Over the years we rely on affiliate marketing revenue which helps us in paying hosting and storage fees of our servers.

Why we are stopping Adverts

As time goes on, we heard all your complaints and have decided to set up a funds collection base to help us facilitate the total closure of all Adsense Intrusive adverts and other advertising models but we need your help.

Don’t we make money now? When will the adverts be removed?

Yes we make a little amount of money from those adverts, we certainly DO NOT make money from your views and mobile data subscription since your experience on this website is of importance to us, we have decided to remove all intrusive adverts as soon as we receive as many donations as possible. It’s a collective effort, so we implore you to donate as little as you can, as soon as we receive as much as possible, we will make a list of everyone who supported us in this course, add them to our hall of fame and remove all intrusive adverts.

How do I donate now?

Use any of the following payment methods. Contact us if you need more details.

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  • ETH → 0xee57abad83b81f0d83b456c4e973f59f2c33e533
  • Visa / Mastercard → Toomakesense Ad free Donation
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