How to Start a WordPress Blog (A-Z Guide 2021)

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WordPress is one of the most popular and flexible open source content management system (cms) written in php and developed by Matt Mullenweg. Before you can start to blog with WordPress you must first learn how to create a blog with WordPress.

How to Start a WordPress Blog
How to Start a WordPress Blog

Considering the fact that a lot of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, you can never go wrong when you choose WordPress. It doesn’t matter if you are a total newbie or not tech savvy, if you follow my guide you should be able to create a stunning blog with WordPress in a few minutes.

How to Create a WordPress Blog

If you are looking for a way to create your first WordPress blog we got you covered. To be able to get you started on how you can create your first WordPress blog you need a few things to get started and they are:

  • Domain Name – This will be the web address of your blog.
  • Web Hosting – Web hosting is the home to your domain name where your blog will live.
  • WordPress Theme – Think of a WordPress theme as the beautification of your blog

While WordPress is free to use, there are no fees or costs outside of domain name and hosting and you can always get thousands of free WordPress themes from the WordPress theme repository. With this, you can create a truly customized website. Haven known what is required to create a WordPress blog, lets get started.

Domain Name Registration

To get started with domain name registration process, go to a domain registration website preferably namecheap and search for the availability of your preferred domain name. If the domain name you want to register is available, proceed to add it to cart and checkout. If you’re on a budget you can get free domain name when you purchase a hosting plan with GreenGeeks.

Web Hosting Registration and Set Up

Once you have your desired domain name registered, it’s time to purchase a web hosting and start building your WordPress blog. Web hosting is a crucial step when starting your own WordPress blog so we recommend you to use a reliable web host, luckily for you we have carefully compiled a list of the best web hosting company and one of our top choice is Greengeeks.

Keep in mind that you can purchase just WordPress hosting or Standalone hosting plan which have WordPress as an addon. If you purchase direct WordPress hosting you just need to login to your registrar account, and then click the Login to WordPress button which should automatically redirect you to your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Installation

Most web hosting company have cPanel on there web hosting plans, check the next step on how to install WordPress via Cpanel.

How to Install WordPress via Cpanel

how to install wordpress on Cpanel
how to install wordpress on Cpanel

A lot of web host registrars offers a one-click installation of WordPress using the help of softaculous auto installer which is available in most cPanel. Softaculous lets you Install WordPress without having to get your hands dirty. To take advantage of Softaculous, simply login to your host account >> cPanel and locate the Softaculous Auto Installers section. Now follow this guide to install WordPress with softaculous:

  1. Make sure you are Logged into your cPanel account.
  2. Select the Softaculous App Installer icon and click the WordPress logo.
  3. To proceed, Click Install
  4. On the WordPress installation page, you will need to fill in the details of your WordPress installation refer to below set up info.
    • Choose the domain you would like WordPress to be installed on.
    • Specify the main folder for installation. The Directory field is usually empty by default, if you leave it this way WordPress will assume that you’re using WordPress on your website, for example, But if you already have a site and just want to add WordPress blog to it you may install it to a subfolder and it will look like, so just type “blog” in the field.
    • Database Name must not be left as the default for security reasons.
    • The default wp_; Table Prefix can remain as it is, but for strong security, we recommend you to changing it to something unique, like yourwpblog_.
    • Fill the Site Settings.
  5. Review your settings and setup, hit Install if everything is correct.

Softaculous will now run the auto installer and install your WordPress blog for you with the settings you have provided. You should see an installation successful message upon it’s completion alongside a link to your blog and admin area

Select a WordPress Theme

It’s time to select the perfect WordPress theme. Because we care about users experience, we’ve always recommend a WordPress theme that is responsive and simple in design. It helps you offer a good experience to your users as the visual appearance of your WordPress blog does matter and is very Important.

select wordpress theme
select WordPress theme

One of the major benefits of using WordPress is it’s huge collection of free themes and plugins. Infact, upon your blog creation you already have a default theme installed for you, this is usually the twenty twenty one theme. It is now left for you to change and customize the theme to your satisfaction. If you are a total newbie and can’t find your way around then you can get a WordPress theme with most features already available.

You can always get thousands of WordPress theme on the WordPress theme repository, When you have found the theme of your choice simply click on the Install button and wait for the theme to be installed. Once the theme is installed the install button will now be replaced with an Activate button. Now click on it to get the theme activated.

Create Your First Blog Post on WordPress

To create your first blog post on WordPress click on Posts > Add New menu from your WordPress dashboard – this will take you to an editor area where you can start writing. WordPress save as draft allows you to write and edit as much as you want and then save it as draft before publishing, this way you can take your time to write great content for your WordPress blog

WordPress block editor allows you to create stylish content layout for your blog post. Here’s what you can do from post page.

  • Add title (This is where you will add the title of your blog post).
  • Start typing or type / to choose a block (This is where you will write your blog content).
  • Add media. You can use the Add Media button to insert files, photos, videos and more.
  • Preview. At the Top of the page if you are using block editor, you’ll find the preview button, clicking on it will let you preview your blog post before hitting the publish button

Yaay! we did it!! That was too simple right? Congrats, you have just successfully started a WordPress blog you can check out the recommended blogging tools for beginners as that will help in your blogging journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Start a Blog on WordPress

I am a beginner, can I start a blog on WordPress?

Can I start a blog on WordPress

Starting a blog on WordPress may sound very complicated but with my guide and tutorial, i assure you it is actually very simple.

How much to start a WordPress blog?

how much to start a wordpress blog

The cost of owning your own WordPress blog is less than the price of a cup of coffee, seriously this might just be the best investment you ever made and it can generate passive income for you on the long run.

What is The Best Web Hosting For WordPress?

Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Our Overall best web hosting for wordpress is Siteground, Bluehost, Greengeeks and Hostgator. I would suggest that you do not compromise on the quality and uptime of your web hosting service. Try to start with a reliable (yet affordable) web-hosting.