Best Responsive Table Plugin for WordPress

Last Updated on November 20, 2020 by Kings

Table is a great feature many people neglect when it comes to creating content. We are not just going to talk about how to create table charts in WordPress, we’ll rather focus on responsive table plugin for WordPress. One of the things that made me stick to WordPress is because of its flexibility, where you can extend it’s functionality by Simply installing a plugin. you can create an Excel-like table in WordPress if your website is up to date and you are using Gutenberg. You can easily implement table in your WordPress post by Simply clicking on the plus sign inside your post editor where you’ll add new block.

But I realized something about Gutenberg inbuilt table the last time I tried to use it, it was not responsive at all. Although it looks pretty nice on the desktop version but when I try to visit the post on my mobile phone I realize that it is not responsive. For example, I created a six row and five column chart for a post, after creating and adding all details I published it.

I visited the post on my desktop and it looks very nice but when i visit on my phone, it was all scattered and totally not responsive. it’s only 2 or 3 that is showing fine on my mobile phone and the most important features aren’t showing as well. so in my opinion, Gutenberg WordPress tables are not responsive and you can either go out of your way to make it responsive or you keep using it like that. Not to worry. I am going to list the overall 5 best responsive table plugin for WordPress.

Best WordPress Table Plugin

Table are very useful especially if you want to make an organized list. We recommend reading the reviews of each plugin below before using them. So here’s the list of our favorite responsive WordPress table plugin.

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables WordPress plugin have a free version and a pro version. It is by far the most responsive WordPress plugin i ever used, it comes with incredible features. Ninja Tables comes with advanced, and amazing features. With more integration options and cutting-edge functionalities plus next-level configurations. Another interesting thing about this plugin is it’s drag and drop feature useful if you are not so tech savvy, you don’t have to code every single task.

Ninja table wordpress plugin

Features of Ninja Tables

  • Ninja Tables has both free and paid versions. The free version is fairly feature-packed as well
  • Ninja Tables supports media uploads, this means you can easily upload videos and pictures into your tables.
  • You have an option to link to Google Sheets
  • Ninja Tables comes with lots of customization tools, for example you receive settings for adjusting the colors on your rows and columns.
  • It’s drag-and-drop feature is a top notch. There’s no need to know anything about coding with Ninja Tables.
  • The plugin exports and imports with the help of a CSV. All of your data can be inserted within a few moments.
  • You have direct WooCommerce integration to list your products and make comparisons.
  • You can easily show your tables anywhere on your blog by placing a shortcode.

This Black Friday Deals Page was built with Ninja Tables.

Table Press

Table Press is an open source WordPress plugin, with Table Press you can create, manage and edit table data on your website without any coding knowledge. Your tables can contain any type of data, like numbers, text, images, links, and even math formulas! In addition, features like live sorting, pagination, searching, and more can be enabled.

Tablepress wordpress plugin
  • Table Press Gives you the ability to integrate tables into your post, pages, or text widgets using a shortcode.
  • Helps you easily modify your table data like Excel.
  • Helps you import and export tables in Excel, CSV, JSON and HTML formats.
  • Synchronizes with Google Sheets.
  • Has table cells that accept mathematical functions and formulas.
  • Table-Press tables can be customized via CSS.


wpDataTables is a pretty good wordpress plugin for creating tables and charts. Free version comes with pagination, filters, conditional formatting and much more. With wpDataTables you can create a price chart, a list of business locations, a list of users, and so on. It also allows you to import data from files like Excel, CSV, and JSON.

wpDataTables wordpress plugin

The premium version is available on Codecanyon

Post Table Pro

Posts Table Pro helps you create tables to organize your posts and pages. It helps you take your existing WordPress content and display it in a table on your website.

posts table pro wordpress plugin
  • Posts Table Pro automatically creates table listing for WordPress posts, products, or any custom post type.
  • Users can search posts by keyword, sortable columns or filters
  • It allows you to list table content by category, tag, ID, post type, author, or other custom field value
  • It is simple to set up and customize, it allow you display custom fields, multimedia content or taxonomies
  • Insert your table anywhere in WordPress using a simple shortcode with 50+ options
  • Enable AJAX lazy loading to list large quantities of content – with no performance loss

League Table

League Table WordPress plugin is the only plugin that is not available for free download on this list. Available for download at just $29 the price is pretty much affordable, League Table allows you to create beautiful sortable and responsive tables anywhere on your website.

league table wordpress plugin

League table wordpress plugin is easy to use and you will be able to create a stunning table in a few minutes. League Table comes with Spreadsheet Editor, Sortable Columns, Super Responsive Table builder, Cell Properties, Import and Export plus you can literally Customize Everything.