How to Install WordPress Plugin Using cPanel

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Kings

Majority of people who use WordPress know only one simple way to install a WordPress plugin which is via WordPress admin panel but there are some cases or occurence that leave you unable to install a plugin direct from your WordPress admin dashboard for example some cases whereby you will get a blank screen- This is why you need to learn how to install WordPress plugin using Cpanel.

It is an added advantage to up your WordPress skills and learn how to do a few other things by yourself. There are so many free plugins available in the WordPress repository which can be installed directly from your WordPress admin panel, but when you buy a premium plugin, you will get it in a ZIP file. You can also upload and install the zip file from your wordpress admin dashboard, but you should learn a different way to install a wordpress plugin today.

Steps to Install WordPress Plugin Via Cpanel

To install a plugin in cpanel, you must know where all the other plugins are present. WordPress plugins, themes, contents and media files are located in its wp-content folder. Follow this guide and you will be installing a plugin from your Cpanel in the next 5 minutes.

Step 1

Logon to the cPanel account provided by your web hosting company, and go to the file manager section. File Manager section is usually displayed under FILES category in Cpanel.

install wordpress plugin with cpanel


Step 2

When you click on the File Manager section it should take you to a new page where all your website files are. Now click on the public_html directory.

install wordpress plugin using cpanel

Step 3

On the public_html directory you would see different file folders including your themes, media contents and plugins; Open plugins.

how to install wordopress plugin via cpanel

Step 4

Now that you have opened the plugin folder, you will see all of your wordpress plugins right there, time to install another one. To install a new plugin, click on the Upload link at the Top navigation menu of your cPanel.

installing wordpress plugin via cpanel


Step 5

A new tab should now open where you can upload the plugin compiled in zip file, click on the Select File button to select and upload the plugin zip file downloaded on your computer.

how to install wordpress plugin via cpanel


Step 6

When the upload has been completed successfully, go to the plugin directory and locate the uploaded zip file.

install plugin on wordpress via cpanel

Right click on it and select the option to Extract

Step 7

When you right click on the zip file, you will see where it will be extracted to, which is usually public_html/wp-content/plugins

install wordpress plugin in cpanel

Now go ahead and click on the Extract Files button, A popup should appear, click close and refresh the page.

Yaay! Congrats, you have just successfully uploaded a WordPress plugin from your cPanel without using wp-admin area.