How to Restore WordPress Backup Manually (DIY Guide)

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Kings

If you own a wordpress site, one of the most important thing to do is make sure you always back up your blog because anything can happen at anytime so you must take precautions. If you backup your blog frequently, restoring your WordPress backup can help you recover all your site contents incase things go wrong. Although process is not always easy and might be complicated. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simplest ways to restore your WordPress site backup.

restore wordpress backup

How WordPress Backup and Restore Works

Before we proceed to manual restore of your wordpress backup, you need to understand how backup works and what it contains. A backup contains all the content of your website which is categorised into files and database. You can backup your WordPress site with a plugin like Updraftplus, you can also opt for a backup with your hosting provider, or you can do it yourself by copying your data manually.

It is important that you know the right time to initiate a backup, also bear in mind that if you backup your site 6 days ago and a technical error occurred hence you’ll need to restore your backup, know that you can only restore your site to how it was 6 days ago so any changes made in between this days is totally lost – A more important reason to backup your wordpress site frequently.

Getting your website backup restored will depend on how you backed up your site, you can get your website restored via the below options:

Web hosting provider and Phpmyadmin

How to Restore your WordPress site direct from Your Web Host

Quite a lot of premium web hosting company offer a backup package as either an addon or as there hosting package. And the backups offered by this web hosts are taken regularly as a snapshot of your site so you can get your site back to certain a restore point.

If you had taken a backup direct from your web host, you need to contact your hosting provider to get your site restored.  After contacting them, in a few moment they will assign a technician from there support to get your website restored again. The restoration process ranges from a few hours to a couple of days depending on the size of your backup.

Also In some rare cases, you would have to download the backup copy of your site and restore it either manually or by using a through your web host.

Although there are some managed WordPress web hosts like GoDaddy that have options for you to restore your website backup by yourself by accessing your site hosting account dashboard. The process may vary between hosting providers and you should be able to find a guide or tutorial in their support/help section.

To restore your wordpress site backup via your hosting account you just need to:

  • Go to your hosting account
  • Hover and Click on your site
  • In the menu list you should see option of “Backups”
  • Right inside the backups tab, you’ll see an option to restore
  • Select the backup copy you want to get restored and then proceed
  • The backups should be completed in a few hours or days, depending on the size of website which you are restoring it’s backup.
  • Once complete, you’ll be notified and you can proceed to your site to check if it’s restored.

How to Restore WordPress backup manually via Web Host

Manual wordpress backup restoration is more complicated and requires additional step, to do this successfully you need a good amount of technical knowledge of how this works otherwise you may end up worsening the situation. If you do not know what you are doing, we strongly advise you to hire a professional to assist you because you may end up damaging your site completely if you do it the wrong way. But, if you’re sure of yourself that you can really do this, then lets proceed on the steps to manually restore your WordPress site.

In order to safely backup your wordpress site, you need to have separate backups of your WordPress database and files. Now let us begin to restore the site.

If your site has got hacked, we advise you to get a fresh WordPress installation from the WordPress repository. Doing so will ensure that there are no malware injected or backdoor files left.

How to Restore WordPress database from Backups using Cpanel or phpMyAdmin

To restore wordpress database from backups you need to access your phpMyAdmin as seen on below snapshot

If your website was hacked, it is advisable to delete your existing infected database tables before restoring the backup. And remember to take a backup of your database before you delete anything.

Manual restore of phpmyadmin

Now click on Databases and you should see drop down of the whole table as also shown on below snapshot.

phpmyadmin Databases

Site Hacked? Here’s How to Delete Databases For Safety

So select the database which you want to restore from the left section. Once you click on the specific database, all its tables will be displayed. From the bottom section of the display page, click on Check all. (Checking this option will make sure that all tables are selected). You can also see a Drop option on the same menu, click on it to delete all the selected tables.manual restore delete database tables

The above step only implies to you if your website was hacked, otherwise you case ignore this step.

Now back to restoring wordpress database

Select the database which you want to restore its data and on the top of the screen, there should be an ‘Import’ tab.

phpMyAdmin Word Image

A new window will open where you can click on the ‘Browse’ button option and clicking on the Browse file option will open a new window. From your local files, select the location from where you wish to import the MySQL database tables this is the folder where your WordPress database backup was stored.

Next, click on Format, select SQL format at the bottom of the page click ‘Go’ Once  you are done restoring, make sure to visit your site to confirm if your WordPress site was restored successfully.

That’s it folks! We have just discussed on some of the ways to restore your WordPress site. We hope that our guide will walk you through to restore your WordPress site successfully without hassles. If you are still new or not sure how to keep up with your WordPress backup, you need to use a trusted backup solution like Updraftplus It is a one-click wordpress backup solution and it’s auto restore feature is guaranteed to work and get you back to business in a blink.

Goodluck, and if you need my help, kindly drop your comment below and i will assist accordingly.