Blogger to WordPress Migration: The Ultimate Free Guide

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Blogger is a google owned blogging platform acquired from Pyra Labs in 2003 that has Evan Williams as the lead developer. It is to an extent a reputable and a really simple blogging platform for writing and publishing articles, blog post or day to day activities. But when it comes to expanding your site to more features or building a site for big projects, Blogger can not provide you the features you need for it no matter how good of a template designer you are it will definitely lack some features which you can only get on WordPress.

Blogger to WordPress Migration

While we have made everything really very clear and understandable. We offer free blogger to wordpress migration service just incase you finding it difficult to move by yourself

With blogger, you are limited to so many features like plugin availability, customly designed theme available for free,

Most of the successful bloggers today started from google’s blogger platform. Some of this bloggers who knows what they are doing, including myself; made quite pretty amount of money even while using blogger. but there comes a time in life when it’s necessary for one to upgrade, change is constant and we must stick with the facts that we are definitely going to opt in for a better option someday if the chance arrives. The better option of blogger in this sense is WordPress. Yes, surveys, reviews and opinions of big name in the internet world have confirmed that WordPress is by far better than blogger. Not to confuse you, when i’m talking about WordPress i do not mean rather is a free software and a self hosted CMS owned by Matt Mullenweg which is also the founder of Automatic, a lot of successful bloggers and business owners today make use of WordPress. When it comes to building almost any type of website, most users prefer WordPress as the first choice probably because of it’s light-weight and flexibility plus numerous features available. While we talk about the amazing features of WordPress I think it’s important to let you know that owning a self hosted wordpress blog isn’t cheap unlike blogger where you only have to create a free blogspot blog or purchase domain and connect cname to blogger. WordPress is currently the world most popular CMS. It powers over 33% of all websites on the internet, that’s millions of websites all over the world.

Wordpress blog
image source: Kinsta

Before you can use you need a web hosting and a custom domain name at least that’s the basics and you do not need to purchase theme as there are huge database of free wordpress theme available on the wordpress repository.

When it comes to building almost any type of website, most users prefer WordPress as the first choice probably because of it’s flexibility and numerous features

If you’ve read to this extent, chances are that you’re ready to move from blogger to wordpress and we can’t wait to welcome you to the wordpress family.

If you move your blog from Blogger to WordPress the wrong way, you will end up losing all your organic search traffics and of course you will notice a massive drop in traffic on your search console.

Wrong blogger to WordPress migration can cause your visitors to be seeing 404 error on all of your post and this usually happens when your old blogger URL is redirected to the wrong WordPress permalinks, when you didn’t move previous feed subscribers Properly or set up mobile redirections.

For example your default blogger URL should look like this if you access your site from a mobile device: you shouldn’t leave your mobile users behind, so the goal is to make sure all mobile visitors are also redirected to the intended page on your WordPress blog.

Below are the steps to migrate from blogger to wordpress without losing out on Organic Search:

Purchase a web hosting

When it comes to a self hosted wordpress, web hosting is crucial (That is why it is called self hosted’) i would say you should purchase a domain name if you don’t already own a custom domain but because siteground offers a free domain name to it’s customers that purchase a hosting plan, there won’t be any need for that and if you already own a domain name, keep reading for the next step.

Finding the perfect web hosting is a lot of stress and consumes time because you can find pretty much good reviews about a web hosting online but when you buy the hosting plan you will end up feeling disapointed as you get struck with downtimes, unreliable customer support and so many other downsides. We un derstand the impact of a good web hosting in SEO and this is why we’ve gone our way to research, test and confirm the really best web hosting for wordpress blogs and our unbiased verdict for the best web hosting is Siteground.

We recommend siteground for many reasons which are speed, free cdn, uptime and reliability plus they also offer live chat support and even phone support For issues that can be best addressed over the phone.

Here’s how to Get Started With Siteground WordPress hosting:

  • Navigate to the Siteground WordPress hosting page.
  • Select your most suitable plan and click on Get Plan.
  • It should redirect you to where you’d purchase or fill in your domain details if you already purchased.
  • Click on Proceed after filling in the required details.
  • Next page should be order review and complete page.
  • It should redirect you to where you’d purchase or fill in your required details and pay.
  • Congrats your hosting account should be ready in few minutes.

Install and Activate WordPress

After purchasing Siteground, your wordpress hosting details will be sent to your registered email address, so login to your email address and click on Start a New Website >> WordPress as shown in the below image screenshot.

Alternatively if you cannot afford siteground hosting plan, a great alternative is Hostgator. Hostgator is a great web hosting company that is very unique. If you are moving from blogger to WordPress, you should consider hosting your website with hostgator especially if you cannot afford Siteground. (This two web host, siteground and hostgator are almost similar and offers quite pretty much similar features)

Hostgator web hosting plans

the reason why i sometimes prefer to use Hostgator to host my clients website is because they guarantee an uptime of about 99.99% and if by any chance you experience downtime below that, then you will get back a one month credit on your account. That’s a pretty generous money back guarantee and they also offers 45 days money back guarantee. unlike other web hosting company that offers only 30 days money back guaranty.

If you have purchased a web hosting with hostgator, then refer to below steps on how to launch your wordpress site

How to install wordpress from Cpanel using Softaculous software installer

Log into your cPanel account. Go to software section, then click on the Softaculous icon and also click on the WordPress logo. It will take you to the installation page, select the domain you want to install your WordPress on from the drop-down menu. (You may leave this blank to install on the domain directly) Now enter a username, valid email address and password for your WordPress admin dashboard login.

Note that, excluding posts and pages some blogger widgets may not import to wordpress, below are list of what we will be importing to your new wordpress blog.

  • Posts
  • Authors
  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • files, Images etc.
  • Comments
  • and much more

Export Your Blogger Blog Contents

Now is time to export your blogger blog to wordpress, first of all login to your dashboard and navigate to Settings » Other. Look up and you’ll see an Import & back up options listed, click on the Back up content button.

export blogger blog

A popup will happen where you’ll be asked to make a backup of your blog content. Then click on the save to your computer button which will trigger download of your whole blogger content.

save blogger export files to pc

Import Blogger to WordPress

After the download is finished, next is to import the file into your new WordPress blog. Just Login to your WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Import. Just below the Blogger option, click on Install Now and run Importer.

Install Blogger Importer

Now choose the file you’ve previously downloaded from your Blogger blog. Then import it into your WordPress blog.

import blogger files to wordpress

If the file you are importing is a large file, then increase your wordpress file upload size on cpanel.

When you are through with importing the files, it’s time to assign an Author. You can choose to assign previous Author or add a new one. Incase whereby your blogger images doesn’t upload automatically, you can fix this by installing and activating Auto Upload Images plugin in WordPress.

Import blogger and assign authors

The plugin will search for images in your post and images and then automatically upload them to media library and fix them to your posts and pages.

Set Up Permalink on WordPress Correctly

A permalink which is also known as permanent link is a full website URL of the pages on your website. When moving from blogger to WordPress, it is necessary to keep your links as close as possible to avoid failed redirection and 404 errors.

To set up a permalink in WordPress, navigate to Settings > Permalinks. In the Custom Structure field, specify your URL structure just like the one below:

permalinks structure for blogger redirects


The above structure makes your permalinks very similar with that of blogger, but to be sure we don’t make any mistakes we’re going to add a work around for this.

Open your notepad or text editing application. Copy the below code into your text editor and save it as a PHP file. Give it a name like fix.php. Then upload it to WordPress folder, which is also known as the root directory.

<?phprequire_once('wp-load.php');$res= $wpdb->get_results("SELECT post_id, meta_value FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE meta_key = 'blogger_permalink'");$wpdb->print_error();foreach($resas$row){$slug= explode("/",$row->meta_value);$slug= explode(".",$slug[3]);$wpdb->query("UPDATE $wpdb->posts SET post_name ='". $slug[0] . "' WHERE ID = $row->post_id");$wpdb->print_error();}echo"DONE";?>

Make sure it is saved as a php extension, otherwise it will never work. To upload it to your Cpanel Login to your cPanel account. In the File Manager section hover your mouse to the public_html folder section, look up and you’ll see upload button; click on it and wait for your file to finish uploading, then click back. Refer to below image screenshot as example.

Upload file in Cpanel

It should redirect you to the upload page, after successful upload click on Go back.

Upload successful in Cpanel file manager

When you are done uploading the fix.php file to Cpanel, to confirm if you did it successfully try to execute the script by visiting your blog with a slash php at the back, for example when you visit your url in the above given way, you should see DONE at the page.

Blogger to WordPress Redirection

Blogger uses month and name as it’s permalinks. So links to all post published on blogger platform looks like this: https://example.blogspot. com/2020/01/your-post-title-here.html. To make sure you properly set up blogger to wordpress redirect we suggest you to install a free plugin called Blogger to WordPress Redirection.

After successful installation, go to Tools > Blogger to WordPress Redirection you’ll see a plugin configuration page next now click on the Start Configuration button to generate the code you’ll be using to redirect your links from

blogger to wordpress redirection settings

On the page you’ll see a list of blogs from where you’ve imported content. Click Get Code which is next to the correct blog then copy the code.

Next is to go back to dashboard, click on Theme > Edit HTML paste the code you copied and click on Save Theme.

Blogger redirects mobile visitors to the mobile-friendly version of your blog by adding ?m=1 to the Url but we’ll need to disable this feature for proper redirection. So click on Back button from your edit HTML page you will find a gear button below the mobile preview section of your blogger theme, click on it and you’ll see a popup with two (2) options:

Yes. Show mobile theme on mobile devices.
No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices.

Click on the second option that says, No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices and Save.

It’s important to keep the Blogger to WordPress plugin because it helps in traffic redirection, keep it for as long as your Blogger site gets de-indexed from search engines.

Move Other Blogger Content to WordPress

Moving your blog post from blogger to wordpress is not enough, you need to move widgets, pages and feeds too.


To move your Blogger widget to WordPress, you’ll need to copy the HTML code of the widget and paste it into the sidebar widgets of your WordPress blog. To achieve this, navigate to Appearance > Widgets.


To redirect your blogger pages to WordPress, go to your WordPress dashboard and create new page. Copy the HTML code of your Blogger page, and paste it as html into the newly created page on WordPress.

On Blogger platform, page URL look like this:

After migration on WordPress the page will look like this:

You can use the Redirection plugin to make sure your old blogger pages redirects to your WordPress pages.


To redirect your old feeds to your new wordpress feed, navigate to Settings > Other in your dashboard. Click on the Add option which is next to Post Feed Redirect URL. Then add your WordPress feed, it should look like this:

Congrats, you have successfully moved from WordPress to Blogger!

FAQs of Blogger to WordPress Migration

Can i import blogger to wordpress with images?

Yes, all blogger images can be imported top yoyur new wordpress blog if you follow our guide carefully.

After Moving From Blogger to WordPress, Can I Get Exact Look of My Blogger Blog on WordPress?

It is possible to get exact same look of your previous blogger blog back on your WordPress if you are good in web designs and programming. If you’re not good in web design or programming then you can choose from thousands of themes freely available on the WordPress repository, alternatively you can Hire a Developer.

My Blogger images aren’t transfered properly, What can I do?

It is rare that your blogger images does not transfer successfully to your wordpress blog if you have carefully followed our guide and recommendation. However in a case like this where your images doesn’t show, you can install a plugin like Media File Renamer that can rename all your images so that they can show up again. 

How to move Feedburner subscribers from Blogger to WordPress?

Moving all your feedburner subscribers from blogger to wordpress is easy, all you need to do is just to copy your WordPress Feed URL and paste it to blogger settings. Doing so will move your Feedburner Rss to your new WordPress Feed, please refer to our tutorial for guidance.

Let’s Help You Move from Blogger to WordPress

We can help you move from blogger to wordpress free of cost! Once you have purchased any of the web hosting plan using above links then please contact us and we’ll reply almost instantly.

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