Top 10 Fashion Bloggers you Should be Following on Instagram

Last Updated on August 5, 2020 by Kings

Influencer Marketing is incomplete without mentioning Fashion bloggers. Fashion blogging is one of the oldest niche on the internet that covers update on Lifestyles, Clothing and Clothing Brands, etc. Truth be told, fashion blogging have evolved from being a hobby to being a full-time job.

The fashion industry is large with millions of dollar untouched. This means huge opportunities for both existing brands and new start ups. If you are an aspiring fashion blogger, no worries we are going to get you off the ground with our ultimate list of the best Fashion bloggers worthy of your follow on Instagram.  This bloggers will definitely be of a great help to your journey of fashion blogging because you will learn a lot from them

Starting off as a new fashion blogger can be stressful and mentally draining with lots of thoughts in your mind, for example you may be wondering:

How do fashion bloggers afford to change clothes every single time

I know right. Indeed that is something to be worried about but you can overcome this by being creative, you don’t need to buy clothes every single time. As a fashion blogger you’re continuously in need of new outfits to share with your followers. This a constant struggle for most new fashion start ups and learning how to become creative with the wears/clothes you have is something you will learn from this Fashion Bloggers I mean even your favourite repeats cloth (See below for example) there is really nothing to worry about.

Most followers of fashion influencers already have a favorite influencer who promote the types of fashion compatible with their sense of fashion. Who knows, you might be there next favorite? below are our list of the top 10 fashion bloggers.

List of Top 10 Fashion Bloggers 

So in no particular other, below are our unbiased list of the top fashion bloggers you ought to be following on Instagram for the latest fashion trends.
Lainy Hedaya Hoffstein
Chrissy Ford
Tami Reed
Wendy Nguyen
Tanesha Awasthi
Tami Reed
Akanksha Redhu

Lisa Gachet
Claire Most

Know someone that deserves to be on our 10th list? do not hesitate to drop a comment below.