The Best Website Browser For Windows PC 2021

Last Updated on January 28, 2021 by Kings

The Best Website Browsers For Windows PC

With many website browser available now on the web, one can easily get confused on choosing the best website browser.

Your choice of web browser will make a big difference on how you surf the internet, we understand that it might have been a long time since you last tried a new web browser, but do not worry as we want to share with you our unbiased list of the best web browser on the internet.

Using an outdated browser makes your computer vulnerable and unsafe, so when it comes to choosing the best web browser it is important to make security, privacy and speed your highest priorities. Some web browsers demand more of your system resources while others are lightweight, and some offer full anonymity to protect your identity online, while others allow cookies and ads to run unhindered.

Below are the list of the best web browsers tested and trusted by toomakesense. We are also going to tell you why we have chosen a particular browsers over the other.

Google Chrome


Google chrome browser
Google Chrome is a great browser that have lots of amazing features packed in it. However, there are some complications on it’s privacy issues, it also eats up RAM.
Chrome boast of some of the best features available both on PC and mobile app and almost on every major platform, it’s easy to sign in to your Google account on one device, keep your data in sync, making browsing between multiple devices a breeze plus all your Chrome bookmarks, saved data, and preferences come right along. Your active extensions stay in sync across devices. It’s a standard feature you can find on other platforms, but Chrome’s integration is a top notch.

Another feature of Google Chrome is the password manager. With Google Chrome’s password manager you can automatically generate or recommend strong passwords when a new user creates new account on a web page. The search bar, or Omnibox, provides “rich results” comprised of useful answers to questions when they’re typed in.

FireFox by Mozilla

firefox browser
Firefox by Mozilla is a free open-source website browser built by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current web standards.
One of Firefox best feature is it’s low memory usage plus privacy focused (privacy protection) Firefox keeps the Search box separate from Address box and this is an important privacy protection practice because some browsers that use a single box typically send everything you type to a search engine provider. It also prevents search entries from being interpreted as Web addresses.

Brave Browser

brave browser
Brave is considered one of the fastest website browser and i have confirmed this to be true because I’ve used brave browser on different operating system, both Laptop, Desktop and mobile. The browsers memory usage is relatively low and the website loading is fast.

Brave has gotten more attention than most new browsers maybe due to the fact that Brave is fast, more privacy focused and supports almost all Chrome extensions built on Google’s chromium

Opera browser

Opera web browser

Opera is a fast web browser, like other browsers it is free to download and use, remembers site authentication information and can block online ads from appearing on website. It is also built on google’s Chromium with lots of feature and strong customisation options. One of Opera unique feature is it’s free VPN, turbo mode which speeds up slow connections and reduces data usage, Ad blocker and Flow. Opera have named themselves the distraction-free browser and our online poll which we conducted have found this to be true

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge browser




The old Microsoft Edge is almost out of void, as the new Edge is now a Chromium-based web browser. The new version isn’t bundled with Windows 10 at this writing, but installing it from Microsoft’s site will automatically replace version of legacy Edge with the new Chromium browser on the PC.
Just like other Chromium based browsers, Edge can sync open tabs from chrome, bookmarks, saved passwords, and browsing history across multiple devices. Currently, Chromium Edge lacks many of the Windows 10 features the old version had, such as the integration with OneNote and Cortana. Microsoft has put it in there plan to bring out a new feature soon called Collections that can “collect, organize, share, and export web content to Word or Excel.”
As the new revolution of Edge (Chromium Edge) matures we expect to see Microsoft add more features to the browser.