How to buy and sell bitcoin (Explained in details)

Last Updated on August 5, 2020 by Kings

Nowadays it’s easier to buy and sell bitcoin unlike before, this post is for those who do not know how to buy or sell bitcoin and also for those who do not know where to buy bitcoin or sell there bitcoin. If you do not know what bitcoin is all about, this guide about what is bitcoin should help.

Buy and sell bitcoins

Why should i buy bitcoin?

If you are still not sure why you should buy bitcoin then i have good reasons for you, i love bitcoin because it is transparent and is a decentralized currency; what this means is that bitcoin is a digital currency distributed among its users rather than being controlled by one group or within one certain area. Bitcoin is privacy focused and is perfect for cross border transactions it does not matter where you are from.
Don’t miss out, this is the best time to buy bitcoin as it is massively being adopted plus it’s regulation being clarified.

How to Buy Bitcoin

Before you proceed to buy bitcoin you must have a secure bitcoin wallet, this is where you store the bitcoin you’ve purchased. You can use coinbase app to store your bitcoin, download the app via or sign up for a free bitcoin wallet

After successfully signed up for Coinbase now it’s time to buy some bitcoins, you can buy bitcoin on coinbase using your credit or debit card by following the below steps:

  • On Coinbase wallet, Go to Settings, >> Payment Methods and then click Add Payment Method
  • Click on Credit/Debit Card.
  • Enter your credit or debit card information.
  • Once your card is confirmed, you can go to Buy/Sell and buy bitcoins
  • After successful purchase, bitcoins will be sent to your Coinbase wallet.
No doubt, Coinbase have successfully built a strong reputation for themselves and are one of the biggest bitcoinbroker all over the world. 
But when it comes to buying and selling bitcoins easily i make use of Paxful for trading my bitcoins, one of the reasons i like to use paxful is because of it’s ease and simplicity. You can actually buy bitcoin on Paxful with so many different payment methods – Upto 300+ Payment Method.
One may ask:

What is paxful and how does paxful work?

Paxful is a bitcoin online marketplace where payment method is not a barrier, it allows buyers and seller to meet online and trade Bitcoins. Paxful offers a wide range of payment methods and buying options of upto 300+  which can rarely be found elsewhere.

Paxful made possible the ability for its users to buy and sell bitcoin with almost any payment method.

Stay tuned as we’ll be updating this post with the latest method to buy bitcoins easily from time to time

In my next post i’ll talk about how to trade stocks using bitcoin the easiest wait so do not miss out.