How to withdraw paypal funds in nigeria direct to bank account in less than 5 minutes

Last Updated on August 5, 2020 by Kings

I have decided to write about how to withdraw from Paypal directly to Nigerian bank account after enjoying it for a while, Having a Paypal account is cool but unable to withdraw your PayPal funds is another bigger issue that thus live you at the edge of exchangers who might end up scamming you.

A year ago when we haven’t found out how to withdraw from PayPal direct to our Nigerian bank account we have been selling our PayPal funds to exchangers which sometimes we end up getting scammed off our funds, there is nothing really as painful as losing your hard earned money to unknown persons ina twinkle of an eyes… guess what? I said no, time to put an end to all this because i must find out a way to withdraw my funds direct to my Nigerian bank account.
withdraw from paypal to nigeria account
And then i began to research on a reliable way to withdraw my PayPal funds direct to my Nigerian bank account, although there was already a way to withdraw PayPal funds into Payoneer account and then withdraw to your Nigerian bank account but this method only works for USA PayPal. As we all know that using a USA PayPal alone in another country is a big risk itself because there are 80% chances of your funds getting locked out at an unexpected time unless you are able to meet up with the verification, learn how to open paypal account that receive money in nigeria.

We also receive complaint of another issue of Payment on Hold with withdrawing from USA PayPal to Payoneer account, and even a G&S (goods and services) payment received from a new USA PayPal account, will be placed on ‘Hold’ for the next 21 days pending till the next 21 days you cannot do anything with the money. The good news is that we’ll teach you how to withdraw from paypal to bank account almost instantly so you do not need to worry about all any limitations because we have found a super easy way to withdraw your paypal funds to your Nigerian bank account at the exchange rate of 362/$ (three hundred and sixty two Naira per dollar)

We really want to give this information out for free but due to some ingrates and for it to survive the test of time, we have decided to give it out for ₦4999 Only, what to do now? Contact me direct on whatsapp to get instant access on how to withdraw your Paypal funds straight to your bank account under 5 minutes.