Solution for Temporary Ad Serving Limit Placed On Your Google Adsense Account

Last Updated on August 5, 2020 by Kings

Fix for Google Adsense Ad Serving Temporarily limited

Ad serving has been limited and the number of ads you can show has been temporarily limited is one of google adsense message that is quite disheartening, before i give you solution on how to lift Ad serving limit it is very important to understand why your Adsense Ads was limited in the first place to ensure you take precaution and don’t repeat same mistakes again. This is why i highly recommend anyone using any service to read it’s policy or terms and condition. I have found out that most of the site that it’s Ad has been limited doesn’t understand google adsense policy or doesn’t adhere to google adsense policy rather.
Solution for Adsense Ad limit invalid traffic concerns
Your google adsense Ad serving was limited because of invalid traffic, it doesn’t matter if your traffic is coming from Facebook or Pinterest google regards massive social media traffic and some sort of paid traffic without organic traffic as Spam and bot traffic. This is the sad truth, i have seen many of the people running Facebook adverts that get there google adsense Ad account limited.

I am running a Facebook adverts but my google adsense account was limited – Why? 

Ad limit can be placed on your Adsense account for invalid traffic and It doesn’t matter if you are running a Facebook Advert or not because Google adsense is not sure if you are running a Facebook advert or just spamming some Facebook group with your link, this is why it’s important to work on your SEO as it helps build your site credibility to google.
And if your Adsense account was limited as a result of someone sending a bot traffic to your site you can file a report here to inform adsense about the invalid traffics on your account and they will help you look into the matter and provide a solution.
Solution for Ad serving has been limited
Apart from invalid traffic, Google can place a limit on your account if they find out your landing page or part of your site contains explicit contents or content that violate there policy although not immediately but if you keep posting content that violate Adsense policy your Ad account will most likely get limited to showing Ads and once an Ad limit has been placed on your adsense account to get it lifted might take 2 weeks to 1 month, it’s left for google to decide but here’s a tip to quicken the process;
  • Do not remove google Adsense Ad codes on your site during this process.
  • Monitor your traffic source, put in more work in SEO.
  • If you are running a Facebook advert pause your Ad till your account is lifted.
  • Do not use bot traffic for your adsense site, stay far away from bot traffic.
  • If you must share your link in online forum, make sure it’s related to your niche
Google determines real and bot traffics with a lot of factors, According to Google Adsense any traffic that is not organic or referral is considered as invalid traffic; this might sound complicated but google is smart as they tend to make sure every visitor got what he was looking for thus they analyze your site referrals and where they are coming from, your visitors behavior, the time spent, demographic behavior and your site’s bounce rate.
Conclusion: If your Ad account was limited do not hesitate to file a report be sure to also check your site contents and remove all explicit contents or any content that violate google adsense policy and lastly do not remove the adsense ad code from your site during this moment, just work on your traffic source and contents you will be fine.