How to Recover Unpublished Facebook Page Before 3 Days

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Many people are endlessly searching for a way to get there unpublished Facebook page back again, having your Facebook page unpublished can be annoying and frustrating — I have been there so i know how it feels like. Once your page has been Unpublished by Facebook, your Facebook audience will no longer hear from you again as a matter of fact your page will vanish entirely from Facebook and no one will be able to view your Facebook Page again, as frustrating as it sounds this whole Facebook page unpublishing thing isn’t done by a human (At least most of it) it works like this; Facebook has bots (Artificial Intelligence) that raids unwanted contents off it’s networks.

I understand that this is a security measure adopted by Facebook to keep a close eyes on the bad guys (Those that abuse the use of Facebook Network) so if your page falls between the category of those that post illegal contents on Facebook, this is the best time to stop it as you will risk your page being deleted on Facebook forever without reversal.

Contents that infringes Facebook terms and policy

According to Facebook itself, this violates there terms
  1. Download and uploading of Copyright Protected Contents.
  2. Posting copyright protected contents without giving full credit to original owner.
  3. Contents posted without including a disclaimer that you do not intend to infringe copyright.
  4. Intending to profit from a copyright protected content.
  5. Modified the work of others or added your own original material to it.
  6. Earning massively from a fair usage content.
While this are factors that will led your Facebook page to be unpublished, the one that triggers red alert for Facebook to take quick action in unpublishing your Page are:

  • Posting of explicit contents.
  • Using your Facebook Page for illegal purposes, such as frauds and criminal activities.
  • Posting of contents that promotes hate, racism.
  • Posing dangers to the community, it could be verbal abuse and so forth.
  • Facebook Pages that has a misleading name, for example pages that represents a celebrity without clearly indicating that this is a Fanpage not a real profile.
Haven known the common reasons Facebook unpublishes pages, now lets find out the solution and how to get back an unpublished Facebook Page

How to get back Unpublished Facebook Page

The first step to take in recovering your Unpublished Facebook Page is to Delete all old and new contents on your Facebook Page, this is optional but it is recommended to quicken the process. 
Now after deleting the contents on your page, wait for at least 48 hours that is two (2) days; after 48 hours the next thing is to file an appeal form; You will find below sample of Appeal message for Facebook Page Unpublish 

Good day Great Facebook Team,

I was left in uttermost shock as the page that represent my blog (or business) has been unpublished without prior notice on DD-MM-YYYY this has hitten me unexpectedly as i least expected this incident will occur.

However to the best of my understanding, i believe i haven’t violated Facebook terms but even if i do, kindly accept my humble apologies as i will make sure the error that i made will not repeat again.

I understand the strong security approach Facebook is applying to make sure everyone feels safe and free.

Kind Regards
Page Name
Kings Amalaego

Make sure you edit the appeal message, a lot of our web visitors are going to use this message so we advice you to edit it to avoid sending duplicated messages and also edit the text on blue color. After filing appeal form wait for the next 24 hours (Most time its doesn’t take up to 24 hours) your page should be back again.

If you have any further queries or need my help, Contact me

My name is Kings Chukwuebuka Amalaego and i created Toomakesense because of my undying passion for tech with the goal of helping as many internet marketers, bloggers and non-tech savvy’s as i can.

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