How to Get a Free .Com Domain Hosting for 1 Year (100% Free)

Last Updated on August 5, 2020 by Kings

Before one could set up a website or blog, you need a domain name. This is the most important thing in creating an online presence as your domain name is your online identity where one could easily find you in a minute without getting lost.

A lot of website offer free domain names but when you take a close look at it you will realize that there are strings attached to most of these sites that offer free domain name, the strings attached is that you must have to purchase a hosting plan for you to be eligible for free domain name. Most times it is not even a dot com domain rather it is another domain extension like dot xyz, dot fun, dot club, and so on.

We already know that a dot com domain is the most professional and most used Top Level Domain by business entities, it has proven over the time that it is a domain with charisma that thrills global presence to anyone visiting your site for the first time, just like the post headline stated 100% free we are going to focus more on the word FREE without having to pay a dime.

How to get a free dot com domain name

Sadly you cannot get a .com domain name for free anywhere, quote me wrong there is no hosting company that offers a free .com domain unless you are ready to buy hosting plan and then get a free domain name which might end up not being a dot com domain. So why the heading that says Get a free .com domain hosting for 1 year?

I, Kings Amalaego is giving out a free .com domain name of your choice (Your desired domain name) i realize there are lots of people who have passion for journalism, Tech Blogging, Blogging about Android or video games, and so many of that but the problem is lack of funds to start hence i came up with the idea of giving out a free .com domain name
There are several reason that will led one to start up a blog some of which are Passion,  Money and Fame, providing valuable contents + Social impacts, Documenting some of your life memories because where word fails the pen speaks, or you strive for a better life plus that beautiful dream of earning a passive income online, whatever the case is… I got you covered.
I will be giving the domain to whom i feel seriously needs it, please feel free to contact me you might just be the lucky one.