How to Create 3D Animation Video on Mobile Phone

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Looking for how to How to Create 3D Animation Video on Mobile Phone? You’re at the right place. 3D Animation is now a powerful tool used as a channel of communication, 3D animation so far has paved its way into the advertising scenario and now a business strategy used by internet marketers who wants to make more profit. Not only internet marketers use 3D animation, Business firms and brands from different segments use 3D animation for massive communication as they have seen impressive results so far they have acknowledged the amazing benefits of 3D animation.

3D animation tutorials

There are lots of apps that will claim to offer 3D animations for Android phones, which 70% out of 100 does not work, so today we will talk about just oneAndroid Application you can use to make standard 3D animation videos for free which is plotagon story.

Why use 3D Animation videos for internet marketing?

A Good 3D Animated Video is Entertaining to Watch

If before now you have not started using 3d animated videos for internet marketing then you are seriously lagging behind because a good animated video will skyrocket your products hence you will see more returns and conversions because animated videos are kind of so entertaining, as consumers tend to be drawn into the story you are trying to pass via the animated video and this ends up  making your marketing so much easier and fun

Animated videos are educative and gets your point across more faster

Consumers are looking out for something different without losing its informative purpose just like we all say a picture is worth a thousand words then videos should worth much more as a matter of facts recent studies have proven that 68% of people will prefer to learn about a new product via animated explainer video. Time to stack up some dollars? the most interesting part is animated videos will promote your products in an interesting way as it wouldn’t always feel like videos made for marketing.

Animated Videos Are Shareworthy

Animation videos are engaging and great for storytelling, our research shows that this reduces more support calls another online study states that 97% of consumers say they’d be willing to share a great branded video. Because professional explainer-style Animated videos are fun-to-watch, they’re also super-shareable—meaning more followers and new customers for your brand.


How to create 3D animation videos with mobile phone

You can create unique animation videos using plotagon story and the best part is it’s free of cost unless you want extra advanced features, a lot of people sell this information but i am giving it out for free.

What can I create with Plotagon story?

You can create your own avatar and different 3D characters using plotagon story, on the app you are sure to find 3D amazing actors and lots of smart and great outfits, hairstyles and different accessories to suite what you want to use it for.

Features of Plotagon story

Plotagon story has over 200 unique and colorful 3D scenes

  1. With plotagon Story you can write dialogues and give voice to your characters
  2. Plotagon Story also have live digital voices from Acapela Group, includes the American English voices Rod and Karen.
  3. Plotagon Story is so simple and easy to use that anyone can learn how  to use it in minutes. After you have finished making your 3D movie, you can export it to convert as MP4 files.

Plotagon Picture Tutorial

3D character
Select 3D character


write dialogue
Write Dialogue

Youtube video Tutorial on how to create 3d animation video with phone


CONCLUSION: I hope that with my tutorial you have learnt that you can create stunning 3D animation with mobile phone. For further help regarding how you can create stunning 3D animated videos with your mobile phone and solution to all your concerns kindly drop your comment and i will attend to them.