How to Unblock URL on Facebook Before 24 hours

Last Updated on September 28, 2021 by Kings

How to unblock website URL on Facebook successfully is a big deal for lots of business owners, bloggers and tech heads alike. I have experienced this problem first hand and I can tell you, I understand how it feels to be forced to have your business on pause while you try to resolve your Facebook URL block issues. The experience is nothing short of frustrations especially when most solutions you found online are basically clueless without an actual working way to permanently fix this issue. Today, we help hundreds of people successfully get there website unblocked on Facebook network; What motivated me into writing this article? The first time Facebook blocked my website, I was so helpless and frustrated because almost all of the help I found online about how to unblock URL on Facebook did not help my situation at all. It made me more confused even.

My frustration is basically because i strongly believe that I have not violated Facebook policy that will lead to my link getting blocked on Facebook. I think to myself, how on earth will Facebook block my domain without any explanations or even a heads up? this triggered my search to finding not just a solution but a highly successful and permanent solution (I share free secrets to permanently avoid this problem – just keep reading).

Unblock url on facebook
unblock URL on Facebook

During the times that Facebook blocked my website, I tried everything I could to make sure my website is unblocked on Facebook because I am loosing my cool. I just feel like nothing is working for me anymore –  from the Facebook forms, to support and many other solutions I tried, all did not work for me until I tried something different and my website got unblocked the next few moment.

Why is my URL Blocked on Facebook?

But why is my URL blocked on Facebook? that seems to be the big question for you reading this now. So I must inform you:

Sometimes Facebook automated systems mistakenly blocks URL on Facebook, I have been there, done that and I have overcomed being ever blocked by Facebook again. So consider yourself as learning from a pro in Facebook URL block issues and definitely you’ll get my secret method of avoiding Facebook blocks when it’s unblocked; If you follow carefully you will hardly get your URL banned again on Facebook.

By the way if you run a legitimate business and you are getting frustrated over your blocked URL on facebook, just have it in mind that it may not be your fault that your URL was blocked on Facebook, there are Facebook bots (As I mentioned earlier) who sees to everything posted on Facebook, your URL will get blocked if it does not bypass the bot. While at it, also try to properly set up Facebook open graph (Which i can help you set up on request anyways) for your website or blog. All Facebook features have built-in limitations that prevent fake users / bots from using the feature. Sometimes, if a legitimate user uses a feature too quickly or too often, it may appear suspicious to the system, which sets a limit or a temporary block on the feature.

You also should be careful when sharing a new website on Facebook as newly registered domains have seen a high risk of getting banned from Facebook. This is because Facebook is taking measures in making Facebook a secured place for everyone, so Facebook makes sure to scan newly registered links just to make sure it is not a misleading page that threatens it’s user security. Because Facebook is a big social network there are a lot of bad guys who create and share spammy and scammy links on Facebook. This are whom Facebook is trying to hunt down.

Even if your domain is old avoid sharing same link within a short space on Facebook because your links will send spam signal to Facebook bots and you already know you are violating Facebook policy what comes next is your domain will get Blocked from being shared across Facebook.

How to post a blocked URL on Facebook

If you are in a hurry and really want to share your website link on Facebook so bad, then first of all try this trick before we proceed on how to unblock link on Facebook. ( Please this doesn’t work for everyone so it may or may not work for you) i have tried this and it worked for some links, make sure you do this on your mobile phone only and not PC. So here’s what you should do to post your blocked link on Facebook again:

With your mobile browser, go to and type your blocked url into google search box as seen on below snapshot.

How to share blocked url on facebook

After pasting your link on google search box hit send and wait for results, then copy the link on google direct from the results page.

Share blocked website on Facebook

Now go to or any genuine URL shortener to shorten the copied URL. after that try sharing it on Facebook; If you are lucky it will share but if it didn’t, do not worry, just read my guide. I got a solution to your blocked Facebook link.

Summary on How to Unblock URL on Facebook

  • To unblock URL on Facebook, go to Facebook debug tool
  • On debug tool you’ll get to find out if the whole or part of your URL is blocked
  • Whichever way, click on the Facebook contact button provided in this article
  • On the Facebook URL appeal form, copy my appeal message, edit and send
  • Wait for response.

Alternatively if that seems to be a stress for you, We can help you get back on Facebook and URL unblocked before 24 hours. Contact us

Guide to Unblock Domain on Facebook

I will show you how you can unblock your URL on Facebook, I understand how important it is to share blog post or products on Facebook. Seriously you are losing a lot of customer if your link isn’t working on Facebook, but please make sure your OG tags are set up properly before you proceed and if you do not know how to do that, we can help. Just drop your queries on the comment section or Contact us. enough said let’s do this 😊.

Solution 1  Facebook Debug Tool

We’ll start with this popular solution, that’s the oldest known way to unblock domains on Facebook. If a certain part of your domain was blocked for example was blocked instead of then you need to resolve some errors on your site, to know what error is needed to resolve go to Facebook Debug tool and enter your URL to see the warnings that should be fixed; if you paste the particular link that was blocked and it didn’t debug then paste the full URL also be sure to check your settings for Facebook OG tags.

Solution 2 —  Facebook Help center

If your root domain was blocked on Facebook, and it is displaying this message “we believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious. For your safety, we have blocked it.” OR this URL is blocked: the URL has been blocked from Facebook. You have little to worry about because before you finish reading this article, you should be able to find a solution. As we are going through the various ways to get website unblocked on Facebook, this step involves the assistance of Facebook help center which can be achieved via the appeal form. If you have sent in appeal before and it did not work, you should make sure a few other account appeal for you as well.

The more users sending in appeal message on behalf of your domain, the greater the chances of Facebook support responding to your request more faster

So what to do now? Contact your Facebook close friends, fans and well wishers to help you fill in the appeal form which appears just below the message that says “we believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious. For your safety, we have blocked it.”   or by following the appeal form link edit and use below Appeal Message for unblocking Facebook URL. (Make sure you, or your fans edit the message before sending it to Facebook because a lot of our web visitors may also use this message so you have to edit it to be unique in the eyes of Facebook else you might be ignored)

Facebook url blocked
Facebook url blocked

Appeal Message for Facebook URL Unblock

Good day Facebook!
With all due respect, I would like to inform you about my website URL https://www.yourdomainnamehere which i think was wrongly blocked on Facebook; I was dumbfounded when my web visitor informed me that Facebook blocked my domain and he was unable to share my website link on Facebook. On hearing this, as though i am panicking i quickly logged on to Facebook to confirm; only to find out that i have also been blocked from sharing my website link on my Facebook News feed and timeline.

I am convinced that i didn’t go against your policies. But i sincerely apologize if I have broken Facebook policy by error.
Please kindly accept my humble request to unblock my Website url https://www.yourdomainnamehere,com, Kind Regards as you continue to strengthen Facebook security and making it a safer place for us all.

Page: Facebook Page
Many Thanks
Kings Amalaego

Solution 3 Let’s Unblock Your Url and Help You get Back at the Speed of Light

This step carries almost 100% success rate and can get your Facebook link unblocked within the space of 6 to 72 hours, we have seen a very high success rate in unblocking URL so let’s get your URL unblocked on Facebook starting from $20 only or your money back.

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