Google Shoelace Apk Download — Google is Back With a New Social Media named Shoelace

Last Updated on July 15, 2019 by Kings

Google Launches a New Social Media Chat App named Shoelace

Search Engine Giant, Google has once again tried it’s hands on a new Social Media App after shutting down Google Plus as it didn’t meet there expectations or probably had a low turnout.

Google Shoelace

This time around Google is back on social media market with a different niche, with the aim to Supercharge your social life so instead of connecting people worldwide it is designed to connect people from a specific community.  This sounds fun as the app can be used for chatting, sharing and also built in a community based interest system (Just like Groups that connect certain set of people who share similar interest).
Although “Google-Shoelace” App is currently in beta-mode and an invite only App being tested in New York Region, the results of the test will tell if it should be rolled out for Global use or just attach it to one of there development project, while we wait for Google’s decision you can download the app below.