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Discord is one of the best cross-platform chat solely made for gamers, Discord is a gamers chat app used for  video, and voice communications. It is used by over 250 million gamers around the world.

Discord App, is it really useful?

With Discord, you can interact with like-minded gamers, and also create secure chat channels to play games with friends, find teammates, and participate in gaming communities. Whether you play Tooth and Tail, Battle Royale, Hob, FPS or RPG, or just a fan, you can easily start a group chat for everything you and your gaming team want to talk about.

discord app download

Discord was built to bring gamers together!

From the developers:- The best relationships in our lives were built around playing games. Memories of staying up late playing Warcraft 3 with friends or sharing creations in The Sims mean so much to us. Discord’s free voice and text chat is about making it easier for you to spend time with the people you care about, create these memories, and land a headshot or two.
Discord current daily users as of the time of writing this post is over 14,000,000 daily users worldwide