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About XadowMagz Premium Blogger Template

XadowMagz is a clean and lite-weight mobile-friendly blogger template, originally built from scratch by bungfrangki of Themeindie and re-designed by Kings Amalaego under the creative commons That permits modifications and edit with proper credits given to the original owner.

Xadowmagz is a Responsive blogger template suitable but not limited for use on entertainment, news, tech, travel and magazine blog. It is fully responsive, fast, search engine optimized and comes with a modern design that adapts to any display size from lower resolutions to higher resolutions plus best Ad practices.

xadow magz blogger template mobile view
Xadowmagz mobile view

xadow magz blogger template desktop view
Xadowmagz desktop view


How to Install a Blogger Template

  1. Make sure you already have your template in Xml format, if you don’t then unzip the “blogger template” which you want to upload it should be in Xml format.
  2. Sign in to blogger (Continue if already signed in).
  3. On your blogger dashboard click on theme.
  4. Right there you will see two (2) options which are Customize and Edit HTMl.
  5. Look up you will find Backup/Restore, click on it.
  6. Under Upload a theme from a file on your hard drive, click on Choose File.
  7. Upload your “blogger template in Xml,” visit your blog to see the changes.

XadowMagz Blogger Template Features

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Validated Structured Data
  • SEO Ready
  • Supports HTTPS (SSL)
  • For Adsense
  • High CTR
  • Middle Ad Slot on Post Page
  • Sticky widget on Sidebar
  • Build with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Fast loading
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive Fixed Menu
  • On click event drop down menu
  • Responsive and elegant Social Share Button
  • Auto resize thumbnail image
  • Supports Disqus Comment
  • Related Post with Thumbnail
  • Show-hide Search Column Responsive
  • 2 Column
  • Validated Schema.org
  • Sidebar Right
  • Breadcrumbs SEO
  • Ads Ready
  • Responsive Ad Slot
  • Dynamic Heading
  • Custom Error 404 Page
  • Custom Static Page
  • Compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari,Opera)
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