The Best Must Have Blogging Tools For 2020

Doesn’t matter if you are new to blogging or you have been blogging for a long time, if you do not have some of this tools to make blogging easier for you then you are lagging behind. By now you should understand that blogging has evolved and is not all about hosting a domain name to write and publishing contents, if you use the right “blogging tools in your niche” there are 70% chances that you will do better than your competitors so take advantage of some of the best free blogging tools for productive blogging in 2019.

Must have blogging tools for WordPress in 2020

So we have listed some of the tools we feel are the best blogging tools for WordPress after thorough check and research, this tools are going to help your career in one way or the other. Some of this tools will also improve your search engine visibility and website performance as well.



Typo Free Article is a great way to build a  good reader base, with grammarly you can proofread your articles and get all your typing errors corrected before you push the Publish button.


How To Make Use of Grammarly

First Install Grammarly Chrome Extension it works perfectly on WordPress, grammarly will underline the correct spellings for you as you type write into your wordpress content manager. Alternatively you can type into the grammarly app.

Rank Math


Rank Math is a search engine optimization tool for wordpress, it gives you higher chances of gracing google’s front page by making your blog Search-engine-friendly and optimize your content to be worthy of google featured snippet.
Rank Math break into the SEO market with awesome features some of which Yoast SEO Plugin do not have in its premium version, thus used and loved by most Yoast SEO fans.

High Quality Stock Photos

quality stock photos

Free images is one of the major problem bloggers face, great article deserves a great image – unsplash stock photos – helps you do that.



AddThis is one of the best blogging tools available for free, some of its features are social share buttons customizable lead capture forms, related posts, follow buttons, Traffic and share counts analytics.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool


Ahrefs is a Keyword research tool that helps you generate the best keyword ideas for your blog, thus helping you to generate low competition and high ranking keywoard ideas in your content marketing or whatever niche, you can also take advantage of Ahrefs new feature which allows you to get better keyword ideas by typing in your competitor domain name.

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