How to get a Verified PayPal account in Unsupported Countries

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It doesn’t matter if you are an internet marketer, a web developer or a blogger as long as you work online and do perform transactions online then you definitely need a PayPal account that receives and send money to make receiving and making payments easier for you. As a freelancer never let a payment method be the problem you losed a job offer but first of all for those who don’t know what is a PayPal account, let us start from knowing what is a PayPal and how it works below:

What is a PayPal Account?

A PayPal account is a digital service that enables you to send and accept payments online with ease.Various E-commerce stores accept PayPal as payment method, you can make purchases in online store by choosing PayPal at checkout, logging to your PayPal account, and then confirm your purchase/payment.

As a PayPal account owner you will be able to:

  1. Transfer money from your own PayPal account to another PayPal account
  2. Get a physical PayPal debit card that you can use to make offline purchases from your PayPal account
  3. Transfer money from your bank to your PayPal account
  4. Have a check mailed to you for your PayPal balance

A lot of people have been asking me:
How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria
how to withdraw paypal funds in nigeriahow to open a paypal account that receives money in nigeriahow to open a verified paypal account in bangladeshhow to verify paypal account in bangladeshhow to verify paypal account in pakistanhow to verify paypal account in saudi arabiapaypal send and receive money Before we get down to how to create a paypal that can actually send and receive money, let’s find out why paypal account blacklisted your country.

Why can’t i receive money with my PayPal?

For some countries, PayPal has been left with Send option rather than Send and receive, this is because PayPal has blacklisted those countries from receiving money with PayPal, as a matter of fact it’s hindering many genuine freelancers from receiving money with there PayPal account.  If your country is affected, it’s quite sad that your PayPal only has the option to send money but cannot receive money, yes we do understand PayPal approach  to prevent using PayPal for activities considered as illegal,  but what of the genuine ones that wants to earn decent income online? by now you should know it a heavy blow and a tough ride  for freelancers and internet marketers.

PayPal that sends and receive money


List of Countries blacklisted by PayPal

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Antarctica
  3. Cote D’ivoire
  4. Cuba
  5. Belarus
  6. Mcdonald Islands
  7. Bouvet Island
  8. British Indian Ocean Territory
  9. Cameroon
  10. Central African Republic
  11. Christmas Island
  12. Equatorial Guinea
  13. Haiti
  14. Heard Island
  15. Iran, Islamic Republic of
  16. Iraq
  17. Papua New Guinea
  18. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  19. Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  20. Lebanon
  21. Liberia
  22. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  23. Myanmar
  24. Nigeria
  25. Pakistan
  26. Serbia
  27. Montenegro
  28. Sudan
  29. Syrian Arab Republic
  30. Zimbabwe

In this article i will be talking about how to:

How to Create a Verified PayPal account in Unsupported Countries

withdraw from paypal

Although Some People still lurk there way into the full function PayPal by using a VPN to hide there real IP Address which is very risky because PayPal ain’t that dumb you know, once there system detects a suspicious login or quick IP switch you are at the risk of losing your hard earned money in your PayPal account forever! but my little secret will show you how to open a A PayPal account that sends and receives money and This works for all PayPal blacklisted countries.


send money on paypal

You can go ahead and open a PayPal with VPN, after all there is no harm in trying, but if you want peace of mind and your money safe, then i will recommend you to follow the method i am going to share with you and i guarantee that your PayPal will serve you with no limitations for 1 Year and of course this trick is not free because i learnt it the hard way after losing a lot of money to PayPal and buying so many E-books that talks about opening a full feature PayPal account but doesn’t do what it said till i finally found a way out and you don’t expect me to give it out for free?

For only $12 i will create a verified Paypal account for you 

paypal funds