How to create a PayPal account that receives and sends money in Nigeria

For a very long time now PayPal has blacklisted Nigerians from receiving money with PayPal, this is hindering them from receiving money with there PayPal account in Nigeria. Nigerian PayPal only has the option to send money but cannot receive money, we understand that PayPal has limited a lot of features from Nigerian PayPal to prevent fraud but what of the genuine ones that wants to earn decent income online?  thus a heavy blow for freelancers and internet marketers.
PayPal account that receives and send money in Nigeria

 How to Creat a PayPal account that send and receives money in Nigeria

p Although Some Nigerians still lurk there way into the full function PayPal by using a VPN to hide there real IP which is very risky because PayPal is smart, once there system detects a suspicious login or quick IP switch you are at the risk of losing your PayPal account forever!

This is why i do not recommend using VPN or anonymous means to open a PayPal account, if you follow the method i am going to share with you i guarantee that your PayPal will serve you with no limitations for 1 Year and of course this simple trick is not free because i learnt it the hard way after losing a lot of money to PayPal and buying so many E-books that talks about opening a full feature PayPal account but doesn't do what it said till i finally found a way out and you don't expect me to give it out for free?
PayPal account that receives and send money in Nigeria

With just ₦5000 only i will send you a step by step guide on a simple method i used to creat a working PayPal account that sends and receives money with no VPN, you can login your account using your normal browser but i will recommend to you a specific browser i have been using to login my account for over 2 years with no issues at all.

Update: The Price has skyrocketed to its normal price of ₦5000


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