Download Notepad for Android (No Ads)

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So i want to share with you a good blogging tool for saving notes, you don’t always have to wait till you get unto pc all you have to do is simply bring out your android smartphone and open this awesome app and write down your notes.

This Notepad is same with the one you use on PC and here is why:


  1. It is simple and totally Ad Free.
  2. It save as a real .txt format.
  3. It doesn’t just end in writing notes or memoir you can also use it to script or write CSS, Javascript, Php, html and so forth.

notepad for android
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You can write down blog post bit by bit with it, you can as well save memoir with it

notepad for android phone
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My name is Kings Chukwuebuka Amalaego and i created Toomakesense because of my undying passion for tech with the goal of helping as many internet marketers, bloggers and non-tech savvy’s as i can.

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