Best Blogging Tools for Beginners (Most are free)

Last Updated on May 14, 2021 by Kings

Thinking of how to go about choosing the right blogging tool? you are right on track as we will be sharing with you some of the best blogging tools for beginners.
So let’s start

Best blogging tools
Best blogging tools

 Blog Content Creation tools

Google Docs Google Docs is a great tool useful for bloggers and online content creators in various field of life. It is also used as a real-time collaboration and document editing tool where multiple users can edit a document at the same time, while seeing each others changes. With Google Docs you can create text documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, surveys, drawings.

Grammarly – Grammarly intends to bring your writing errors to an end, so you should stop worrying if you are worried about making Grammar and spelling mistakes. To check spelling mistakes on Grammarly just copy and paste your content on the Grammarly editor and it will check your spelling grammar and sentence structures. If you found yourself lost in the correct word to use to complete a sentence, Grammarly suggestion feature can help you.

BuzzSumo – Blogging has over the decade become very much competitive. For you to scale through you must find a way to be a strong competitor or possibly beat your competitors. To know about the competition, make use of Buzz Sumo. It helps to know what type of content is getting traction. Know about how the content is getting shared. You can simply type a keyword in BuzzSumo, and you will know about the material which is shared and is related to that particular keyword.

SEO Tools

SEO can be difficult especially when you’re just starting out as a beginner and finding the best SEO tools isn’t easy either but But you’re on the lucky end as we’ve listed our overall best tested and reliable SEO tool.  These tools help you focus on doing the right thing especially if you are a blogger.

  • RankMath SEO plugin – Rankmath is one of the best SEO plugin. The free version offers for free what most SEO plugin will charge you for. It is available in two versions free and  premium version. 
  • Google – Google itself provides many free SEO tools, and these include Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, etc. You can keep track of your website’s traffic with the help of Google Analytics.
  • Ahrefs – As a blogger that really wants to succeed, using Ahrefs is inevitable. Ahref is one of the best SEO toolset for keyword research, analyze website traffic and much more. It gives you complete satisfaction by growing your Google search traffic. The keyword search is a top notch in the best manner.

Social Share Tools

Getting social media shares is not so easy but having the right share tool makes a lot of difference. Having a great content is not 100% enough to spike social media shares if you do not make it convenient for your blog visitors. So, to increase social media share you just have to make it as easy as possible for them to share your contents on their social media profiles and you can do this with a nice social media share plugin, this is where Social Warfare plugin comes into play. I also use Social Warfare plugin on toomakesense and the result has been amazing so far.

Image Editing Tools

To make your content look professional and captivating, you are going to need an image editing tool. This does not mean you are going to start learning graphic designs overnight. There are many image editing tools that doesnt require you to be a pro before you can use it, even if its your first time using it and Canva is one of them.

Canva is an online image editing tool made for bloggers with drag-and-drop functionality. Even as a first time user, you can design a professional looking quality graphic image with their basic version. With canva you can add fonts, shapes, resize, move images and lots more.