I am a married woman who don't know how to cook and my husband loves me like that

Angela Nwosu Husband

Hilarious! This Woman does not know how to cook and wash clothes and is not interested in learning, according to the Facebook user who expressed her hatred for cooking and washing.

I am a married woman that doesn't cook for her husband, I don't know how to cook, I'm not even interested in learning, cooking is the most stressful thing there is. I don't cook for him and I don't wash his clothes, nor do any house chores for him, but I give him the best head and knack him to a point of no return, to me, that's better than cooking for him and washing his clothes, Ighotago? No be all of us be wife material. Before you say I don't have shame, yes, I accept, I donated my shame to some people years ago. 
Angela Nwosu Istanbul Turkey

She further made it clear that she is totally not a wife material and she is less likely to listen to people opinion about the fact that she doesn't have interest in cooking and washing for her husband as her husband gladly does all that for her.

According to her:

When people say that I'm not a wife material, it gives me great joy and multiple orgasms, with reckless abandon, being a wife material scared the sh*t out of me, I hate that term with a passion, I would rather be everything else, than a wife material. My husband cooks for me and he's so great at it, he has someone handle the laundry and clean the house, what more can a lazy wife ask for bikonu? He loves cooking so much that he prefers a wife that doesn't know how to cook, so he doesn't drag the kitchen with her, than the one that knows how to cook. If I hear say I cook, in fact, if you want me to sit on the floor and cry for you, tell me to go and cook, that's like the worse punishment to me, I swear. 
As if that's not enough,  she applauds the wives who does all that hard-job (as she termed it) for there husband

I applaud the wives cooking and washing their husbands clothes, una dey really try, I swear, e no easy, after carrying him at night and giving him different styles, you still have the strength to cook, wash clothes and do other house chores, una strong o, no be child's 💪 but I don't ever want to be like you all, I don't even envy you at all. 

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