How to index new website contents on google instantly

Last Updated on November 9, 2020 by Kings

Organic website traffic is one big factor we can’t overlook. It will do you good if you know how to index new website contents on google instantly because no matter how big your company is, if you do not receive search engine traffic then you are still lagging behind. Google has become more powerful yet complicated as each year goes on with multiple algorithm updates, nowadays google have evolved in there way of evaluating a quality website. As a website owner, you are expected to be informed on the best google practices and implement them for your website to keep booming, one of this best practice is to get your website indexed as soon as it’s published. If you are in a competitive niche, your competitor may outrank you with a similar article if there article gets indexed first thereby collecting all of the massive traffics you where supposed to park at that time.
Some of the algorithms search engine use to index site is how often it is updated, if you update your site frequently google bot will crawl your site more frequently and if you are the type that does not update your blog frequently google will reduce the crawl rate of your website.
I will show you two ways you can get google to index your site instantly.
  1.  Via Google Instant Index Api on WordPress
  2. Google inspect Tool

How to Use Google Instant Indexing Api in WordPress

To use google instant indexing api you must enable Indexing API Project from your google search console, to do that go to to the Google API Console there you will see an option to select the type of credentials you want to work on; for example Indexing API, Other UI or Application Data and Select Indexing Api then create a new project. You can create the indexing api project automatically by clicking here.
google index api
To confirm if you have successfully created the project, you must get the below screen
google instant index api
Do not click on go to credentials, it’s of no use. So just close the current tab.

Create a Service Account

Now that you are done creating your first google index project, it is time to create a service account. You can create a service account by opening the service accounts page. You will see a prompt page, next select the project you just created by hovering on the button near the top of the pagegoogle instant index api 3
Now click on Create Service Account button as shown on below snapshotgoogle instant api index 4

fill in your details on the create service account page. Just enter your name and description for your new project then copy the Service Account ID and now click on Create button located at the bottom.

Make sure you copy and save your Service Account ID because you will be needing it later as we advance on this tutorial.

google api index

On the next page, you can now change the role to the owner, your plugin will not work properly if you do not change it to the instant index api

Click on continue and download the file that contain your API key by clicking the Create Key button

google instant index create key

You have two options, JSON and P12 make sure to select JSON format when asked in the overlay pop up box, then click Create.

google instant indexer create key

Yaay! we are done for this step, it is now time to add the service account to search console property.

How to Add Service Account as owner of your Google Search Console Property

To add the service account to search console property you need a verified search console account; if you do not have you can create and verify one with your domain.

After verifying your domain/property, open Google Search Console dashboard, select your property and click on Settings near the bottom. If you have different properties ensure to select the appropriate one.

google index api search console

To proceed further, click on Users and index api verify owner

Now click on three (3) dots that is located next to your account

google index api Users-and-permissions

Now click on Manage property owners

google index api mpo

When you click on Manage property owners a page will open in a new tab, Scroll down and click on Add an owner button which is located in the Verified owners section.

Now enter the Service account ID which i told you to keep safe earlier, paste it in the Verified owners email address field and click Continue.

The  Service account ID should look like something like the one below.

google index api details

You can now go back and refresh previous tab. You should also see the Service account listed as a Verified Owner.

Everything is all set, time to configure the plugin.

How to Configure Google Instant Indexer Plugin

After the installation and activation of the google instant indexer plugin, before you can enjoy the full feature you must activate it. You have two options to either upload the JSON code as a zip file or paste it on Instant Indexing console. To locate Instant Indexing on your WordPress site go to Rank Math >> Instant Indexing from your WordPress admin panel, and paste in the contents of your JSON file, or just upload the file.

Select the Post Types where you want the Indexing API to ping Google to crawl your website as soon as a post is published, updated, or deleted and click on Save Changes.

google indexing api json

Congrats, you have successfully added google instant indexer to your website, to index your new articles go to Rank Math >> instant indexing >> Console.

Paste the URL which you want to index right there, click on Send to Api and index request will be sent instant indexing console

Note that you will also find the instant index feature on your post page, instead of returning to the index tab always you can just quickly index it from the post page.


Below is an alternative for non wordpress users who still want to get there post indexed instantly, you can use the google inspect tool.

How to Instantly Index Your Website via Google Inspect Tool

 In a case whereby you do not use wordpress but want to achieve same result to get your new article instantly indexed on google, then google inspect tool is my best bet.

Login to your Google search console dashboard make sure you are in the Overview section. Navigate to inspect any URL, copy the link you want google to crawl and paste it on the inspect any URL box and then hit the Enter button on your PC and you will see a pop up screen that says

Retrieving data from Google Index allow it to finish loading before you click on REQUEST INDEXING
Search console dashboard

After filling Captcha and submitting index request, search the url on google you will find out it has been crawled and indexed already just like the below snapshot, i used this post for example and you can see it was crawled in less than 15 minutes.

Indexed link