Hilarious! See the hotel that snitches on its guest (Sattilatti Ikotun)

Sattilatti hotel
It's one thing to build a brand and it's another thing to maintain your brand dignity and prestige, Toomakesense received numerous reports concerning a hotel said to be snitching on its guest.

Below is a story of young man who lodged at the hotel but end up being raided around 2.a.m early morning.

This hotel is the Only Snitch zone in Ikotun
Guys been spending 100k upward on it but they still turn around and call police on them if nobody will stand up and talk about this I will 😑😑 They’ve hit the limit 😑😑😑handing boys to sars and then acting like it’s nothing πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
While Toomakesense dig in for more details and what actually transpired,  we found out the Hotel have policy that binds smoking of hard drugs, codeine,  etc
Sattilatti ikotun

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