Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Last Updated on November 6, 2020 by Kings

Popular Google Ad network for publishers, Adsense is no doubt one of the largest premium advertising network and the leader in Ad monetization business. Publishers with average traffic usually start with google Adsense and then advance to google ad exchange which is more profitable but it is reserved exclusively for top publishers with a minimum requirements of 5 million pageviews per month.

Adsense will generate a good amount of revenue for you with the right niche, good content and engaged audience. But what is your plan B when you can’t use the Ad network? maybe because you have applied severally but was rejected by Adsense, or maybe you are still appealing an account that was banned for invalid click activities it can even be that you just want to get the best out of your Ad space whatever the case may be in this scenario you have to resort for an alternative, at least a close match for google adsense that with competitive ad revenue. In this case, we got you covered! we’d be sharing the  top 5 best google adsense alternatives.

google adsense alternatives

Top 5 Adsense Alternatives

Many content creators are researching to find alternatives to help generate revenue for there website. today, we want to take a look at some of the top 5 best adsense alternatives is most often than not, refered to as the top alternative for google adsense. infact is the highest paying contextual ad network and number one best competitor to google AdSense, it is an advertising company that is run by Bing and Yahoo.adsense alternatives

They target medium, small and large size bloggers in addition to media houses. Therefore, even if your blog is still small you can still earn with them as long as it contains quality content and it is getting traffic from the USA, UK and Canada.

Just like google adsense, it is a contextual ad network which means they will serve advertisements related to your website content. usually pays about $5 per a thousand impression, which is very competitive; minimum payout is $100 via Payoneer and PayPal and they pay monthly.


If your blog generates high traffic, consider applying for BuySellAds. BuySellAds is a very profitable self-serve ad portal for publishers. To be eligible, you’ll need at least 100,000 page views per month and it only accepts English-language websites with quality content.adsense alternatives buysellads

If you can reach the above eligibility status, you’ll enjoy a 75% commission per click. This is very competitive for the ad monetization industry and significantly higher than Google commission rate of 62% per click. The minimum payout rate is just $20.

Although BuySellAds seems as if they specialize in traditional display advertising, they offer so much more that just that. In addition to desktop traditional display advertising, blog publishers can also sell mobile website display ads, desktop app ads, mobile app display ads, RSS feed text ads, email newsletter sponsorship, and sponsored Tweets through the BSA marketplace.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is a responsive and highly relevant dynamic product recommendations Ads that can be placed within or at the end of content to create a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity.Amazon native shopping ads

Similar to Adsense and Ads, they serve contextual ads based on the page where ads are being displayed. Once you place the ad codes on your blog (you only need to do this once), it automatically scans the content of the page & displays products based on the keywords used within the article. Amazon Native Shopping Ads has been around for many years by world’s number one (1) retailer, Amazon.

Propeller Ads is another great alternative to google adsense, depending on the type of blog you run, you can select from the many available ad type to monetize your blog with Propeller Ads. They are a large ad network that serve varieties of Ads ranging from push notifications Ads, Interstitial mobile ads, Dialogue ads, banners ads, PopUnder ads, Native Direct Ads and sponsored links adsense alternatives propellerads

Propeller Ads have a pretty simple interface very easy to understand by a newbie. There minimum payout rate is one of the lowest compared to other Ad networks. That’s one of the things that make them a go-to ad network for newbies. you don’t want your money to be stucked in your account due to high minimum payout. With just $25 payout amount by Propeller Ads, you are safe from that.

Adversal Ads

Adversal is agreat CPM Ad newtork, and there CPM payout rates are determined in real time. Adversal pays for each impression not per visitor. this means more money for you. They are well known for there pop under Ads and they use a code that disables ad blocks for their pop under adsense alternatives adversal