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Google Adsense is no doubt one of the largest premium advertising network, you probably have come across some of this popular search phrases online Adsense Alternatives or list of Adsense alternative and Adsense alternatives i mean there is a whole lot of them freely available online for you to read; As a matter of fact many upcoming bloggers have been misinformed and thus frustrated with the mindset of “I want to build a blog and make money with Google Adsense” thinking that making money with Adsense is as easy as it sounds, well it can be easy but in just few cases.

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If you are blogging because of Adsense or your only means of survival is Adsense, i am sorry to tell you that you will be frustrated if you do not work hard on publishing quality contents and  achieving a good number of traffic especially organic traffics to your blog as this is one of the guaranteed way of earning with or without Adsense, always remember that organic traffic is very important.


Why you must concentrate on building traffics and back links to your blog or website is because if you have good number of traffic especially organic traffic you will worry less about Adsense and save yourself the stress of always searching for Adsense alternatives because you are likely to be contacted by a company for Advert placement, sponsored post or some other related business

  1. Focus on publishing quality content
  2. Optimize your website or blog and work on your search engine optimization (You can always contact a developer if you can’t do it yourself)
  3. Do not focus solely on making money, think of providing value for your blog visitors to make there stay worthwhile
  4. If you are good with point two (2) you can make money effortlessly with affiliate marketing
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