Police Declares Man Wanted Over US Rapper Assasination; Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle Assasination

A man suspected to be in connection with the death of American rapper, Nipsey Hussle has been declared wanted

A 29-year-old man named Eric Holder, has been identified as a suspect after the Los Angeles Police Department released a statement that stands with the believe that Eric Holder is the one who shot Nipsey and two other men in his store in Los Angeles. It is believed that Eric Holder shot and killed Nipsey as well as shooting two other people Nip was with during the attack.

It was reported that after shooting Nipsey and the other two, Eric quickly dashed to a nearby alley where a vehicle was waiting for him. He jumped into the vehicle and the driver who was a female, sped off immediately.

Investigation immediately kicked-off by LAPD and just hours into the investigation, they have identified Eric as a suspect. A statement was released some hours ago via Twitter indicating the type of car Eric Holder was last seen with and also seeking help from the public for any information on the suspect. “Holder was last seen in a white, four-door, 2016 Chevy Cruze, with the California license plate 7RJD742. Anyone with information related to his whereabouts or this deadly shooting is urged to contact South Bureau Homicide at 323-786-5100.”

We are sure some tangible news will get to the Police very soon as the public is really sad over the death of Nipsey who has been tagged as a man with a pure heart leading to many tributes being paid to him from different parts of the world.

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