Namecheap Set to Increase Domain Prices

Last Updated on April 25, 2019 by Kings

Namecheap, one of the most reliable domain registrar and the world’s 3rd largest web host by market share plus over 11 million registered domains and counting (The statistics are valid as of 2019) recently announced there plans to increase the domain names of this TLD’s .org, .info and even .biz.

Namecheap Domain Price increase

While toomakesense conducted further research about Namecheap sudden price increase in domain names we found out it is not there will to increase the listed domain prices as the situation is beyond there control. (See reasons below)

Read from them:

ICANN’s current contract with Public Interest Registry (PIR), the group that runs the .org domain name, allows PIR to increase the wholesale price of .org domains by 10% a year. Now ICANN is proposing extending the contract to operate .org but letting PIR set whatever prices it wants.

But the good news is,  you can help avoid the domain price increase.

Namecheap cheap hosting

How can i help? You can help by sending your comments to ICAAN before April 29 so if you still want the domain prices to remain the same,  your voice/comment counts!

To comment on .org CLICK HERE FOR .ORG
To comment on .info CLICK HERE FOR .INFO 
To comment on .biz CLICK HERE FOR .BIZ