Man attempted suicide as bride cancelled wedding a night to there wedding day

A Gentleman simply known as Marshal was supposed to walk down the aisle with Gloria,  the love of his life but something unusual happened. The bride cancelled the wedding just few hours to there wedding day. 

Meditating on a bold step by the bride to cancel the wedding,  inconclusive research shows that the groom wants a low budget wedding, the bride doesn't seem to be comfortable with this. (Refer to below snapshot) 

While the Groom was soaked in deep dissapointments, he summoned courage to address the incident,  read from him: 

I was supposed to sugarcoat this, but I'd rather put it all out for your clarity and my sanity.
1. Today, Monday April 15, I was supposed to do a bulk SMS reminding everyone about my wedding this Saturday, April 20. But yesterday, Sunday, April 14, my bride canceled the wedding. Let's just chuck it up to 'irreconcilable differences.'
2. All efforts to get her to reconsider until 1am last night proved ineffective. I respect her decision, but I wept like a baby. I could have done the unthinkable at midnight yesterday, but there is someone in me, called the Holy Spirit. He wouldn't let me do that. Right now, I'm fine, believe me.
3. Part of the nightmare came from how I would be embarrassing the senior people in my life who I had invited to the wedding, some of who have already made financial commitments. The traditional rites would be holding this Thursday, April 18, and more than 85% of everything was in place for both the tradition and white wedding. Again, I wept like a toddler.
4. This is an apology to the general public which I have invited to the wedding, some of who have already bought gifts, made flight and hotel reservations, etc. I respect you enough to give this explanation. I am truly sorry for this mess. To my sponsors, I am sorry.
5. The bachelors' eve was scheduled for Friday night (6pm) tagged Night of Tongues. That will still hold. The brothers are fired up, and would still want to do it for me. It'll be an evening of tongues, made-in-Akwa-Ibom afang soup, and all the wine that was supposed to be used for the wedding. (All drinks had been bought). Venue is Delta Hotels, and it is open to females as well.
6. I will not be disabling the comments section, but I will not be answering questions here either.
7. "In the world you will have tribulation. But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."


Kamsiyo 16:54

Let him take it like that bcoz a cancelled wedding is better than a boring love life hoha, that's my 2 cents

OG TM Money 17:04

Useless girls, bros you need give Thanksgiving that lady would have dealt with you .


This matter so na big matter wen carry weight. I just dey reason how the man go dey feel by now God help us

Shameful act 13:53

This is very shameful I'm just imagining myself being the man I will seriously drag that yeye bleached skin anumanu to the mud then bloodbath her, nonsense and wickedness

Stella 13:57

See let's just tell ourself true d lady don't love the man at all

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