Tips to make money blogging online

Today we will be taking a look on how to make money and probably passive income blogging online and i hope this article helps you with the right mindset to kick-start your blogging career.

Its absolutely normal for a newbie to thing that blogging is a Get rich quick thing, i was a victim due to the way some people portray it to be,
Everyday you will realize a lot of people are searching google on how to make money online how to start a blog like lindaikeji how to make money as a blogger 

 Today you will be learning how to actually start a blog and make cool cash money on line if only you will follow my guidelines (I share what works for me, i believe it will work for you too)

Below are some of the tools you will need on your way to becoming a Top Blogger

Passion For Blogging

A lot of people jump into blogging without knowing how it works, i have seen a situation where someone opened a blog and withing 1 week he is already complaining of Adsense... What? why so desperate!!! See, let me tell you, you will hardly go far in blogging if your sole purpose is to hit and run! because without the passion you will not be motivated to blog, if you are bogging with passion, trust me you wont even know when the cash is dripping in... You see a lot of people fail to succeed in blogging because
how to start a blog and make money online

They never blogged for the Passion
Now let me remind you that even AdSense says "Turn your passion into profits"

Before you consider making money blogging, make sure you have the Passion for what you're blogging about


The design and look of your blog really matters and that's the first thing to consider, i would say google loves a clean, simple and easy navigation websites but then who doesn't? For instance if i stumble upon a website with bad design no matter how good the content is, i would hurriedly click the exit button! Depending on your budget, you can get a responsive/mobile optimized theme at  Themeforest or Elegant Themes


You must be dedicated to giving your readers what they are looking for an what they want to read about, remember you're not writing for yourself; You're writing for people who are actually searching for solutions to there problems online, hence when writing a new content have your readers in your head, always think and research about how you can improve and provide solutions to what they are looking for

how to start a blog and make money online

Google Loves Original Content

Original content is an important factor to consider before embarking on making money online, keep in mind that the new google algorithm and future updates will always  favor fresh and original content this is to improve user experience  so if you're a copy and paste blogger forget it, you're on a wrong path.  Original content will not only reduce your bounce rate, it will keep your existing visitors coming back for more, the more original content you write, the more easier it is for you to rank on google's first page

Social Profiles

Do not ignore the power of social media, create social media profiles ranging from TwitterFacebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a lot of them. Remember if your content is good, it will trigger your readers to keep sharing  your post hence making it go broad!

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your site is mobile friendly with easy navigation, optimize images, work on the page speed and loading time of your website (Google loves fast loading sites) i assume that you already add the about me and privacy policy page now its time to  verify your your site in Google Search Console remember to submit sitemap to google this makes your site easily accessible to search engines (Its important to also submit and verify your site in Bing webmaster tools and Yandex) Add meta tags and keywords relevant to your niche

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