How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria

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Detailed Guide on How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card

First you need to Sign in to your amazon account, you can forge ahead if you already signed in.

then copy the amazon gift card code which is  16 digit written at the back of your gift card, before you can be able to make use of the card you must scratch off the coating on the back of the card to reveal your claim code.

Below is a sample of Amazon Gift card Code


Already copied the 16 digit code? now under Account and Lists head to Your Account from Amazon dashboard (See Screenshot sample below)

amazon card samples

Now click on Gift Cards and you will see Redeem Gift card (As seen from below screenshot)

amazon gift card balance

Now Click on Redeem Gift card and right there you will see a space to enter your Amazon gift card code (See below screenshot)

redeem amazon gift card

Now enter your 16 digit amazon gift card code  and click on Apply to your Balance

After clicking on Apply to your balance, your funds will be successfully added to your Amazon Account.

Remember you can use the funds for online purchases on the Amazon Store.