How to fix Wi-Fi connection failures on Android Device

WiFi connection problem seems to be a common problem in Android devices. Nevertheless,  do not panic you are not alone as its a common problem but today we will discuss on how to fix it so read along

But before we proceed,  let's list out the most common issues and reasons for the issues and hopefully if your issue is among (which am sure it will)  then you will see the solution and how to fix it

fix Wi-Fi connection failures

Slow Wi-Fi Connection

No doubt,  this is the most frequently faced issues and i bet you can't deny the fact that you have not faced this issue one way or the other? Although this likely happens at a public hotspots (Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting)
Now let's find out why your Wi-Fi keep disconnect
Distanced from the network Router
This occurs especially when using a Wi-Fi router  with low connection strength  land this is a popular issues  among those using  older standard Wi-Fi


Always make sure there are no much objects on the router I will advice you stay close to your Wi-Fi router though 

Check how many users connected to your Wi-Fi

This can be a very annoying issue, lot of people (might be your neighbor) connect to someone hot-spot without authorization which is illegal. So when next you face this issue kindly check to confirm how many people are connected to your devices and check if you have other extra idle device because this can not only slow down your network it consumes resources too

Frequent Wi-Fi Disconection

fix Wi-Fi connection failures

Wi-Fi on Sleep

There is a connection policy on Android, called Wi-Fi Sleep Policy. This concerns with what happens to the Wi-Fi connection when your Device goes to sleep.
If the setting is enabled, you will be witnessing a higher number of WiFi disconnection issues.


Open Wireless Networks then locate the Advanced Section. Search for this entry Keep Wi-Fi on During Sleep. Be sure to select Always in that section. This would make sure that Wi-Fi isn’t disconnected when the device is in sleep.

Additional Tip

After following the steps above try rebooting your Android device to refresh it's Wi-Fi Radio

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