Czech Man attacked to death by his pet lion

Man identified as Michal Prasek from Czech Republic who had two pet lions was attacked to death by one of the lions, as reported by the police.

Czech Man attacked to death by his pet lion

Michal Prasek, 34, who lived in the eastern village of Zdechov in the Czech Republic, kept two lions, a male and a female. He was attacked and killed by the nine-year-old male lion.

Mr Prasek kept the lion without any authorisation from the local veterinary services in a cage built without a building permit.

Confirming Prasek's death, police spokeswoman Lenka Javorkova told AFP: "I can confirm the death of the breeder."

Police were alerted to the incident by Michal Prasek's dad who saw his son's body lying inside the enclosure through a security camera.

A doctor who rushed to the scene of the accident was the first to "pronounce the man as dead," according to the police report.

Prasek had two lions one which is male and the other female, he had been raising the male lion since 2016 and acquired the lioness last year. Many of Zdechov's residents were concerned by the presence of the animals.

In June, Prasek's female lion made headlines after she attacked a cyclist while on a walk on a leash.

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