Atiku will be queried when he returns from the United States - Lai Mohammed

Federal Government of Nigeria, the All Progressive Congress said that a member of its opposing party, "Atiku  Abubakar" of "PDP" has queries to answer when he returns from his recent trip to the United States of America.

Atiku in USA

The Government said that Mr "Atiku Abubakar" is still undergoing "investigations" as per his alleged role in the collapse of former Bank PHB.

This was made known by the "Minister of Information and Culture" Mr. Lai Mohammed while briefing State House correspondents on Friday.

According to Lai Mohammed, the decision to query Mr Abubakar is based on the “following fresh evidence that he benefited from slush funds that led to the collapse of Bank PHB.”

The government spokesperson, Lai Mohammed further expressed that the evidence includes but not limited to “paper trail which shows that he benefited from N156 million.”

“It started from an internal memo dated 13 January 2009 asking that a draft in favour of Atiku Abubakar of 156 million should be raised,” he said.

Mr Lai Mohammed further said that another memo on the same date was raised to confirm that the amount was raised from a “claimant management account.”

He said the Government has proofs and evidence of the account mandate, cheque and account statement showing Mr Atiku Abubakar as the signatory to the account that received the money.

“We want him to stay in the US for as long as he wants but he has to explain to Nigerians when he returns,” he said.

The minister reminds that the government had earlier issued a statement advising the U.S. not to issue him a Visa.

Notwithstanding, he also points that, it remains the prerogative of the United States Government to issue Visa to anyone

“We are not perturbed one bit. He can go ahead and get a U.S. green card. That will not save him from imminent defeat in the forthcoming election,” Mr Lai Mohammed he said.

He also said the “election will be held here not in the U.S.”

The minister, however, said the aforementioned claims does not imply that the former vice president will be arrested on his return.

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