Where is the safest place to meet a social media friend (Discussion)

Social media chatting

First off, Social networks are meant to connect, educate, share and meet new plus interesting people it has been so useful and it's still is.

Some social media where you can meet interesting people are Facebook.com twitter.com instagram.com LinkedIn.com plus.google.com and etcetera (Let's not forget Telegram, whatsapp and the rest)

If you are looking to hook up straight then you should consider badoo.com tinder,  tango/fiesta, Eskimi.com and a lot of them
Social media dating

Everyone on one of this social networks have learnt or gained one or two things from them, recall that last year a lot of interesting things happened, over 70 people went on a successful date and got connected along the line (Yea a lot of Wedding invitations too)

Same year a lot of people  where gainfully employed from social networks,  accommodated, massive give away and lots of fun.

This year don't seem to give enough room for that as we keep hearing a lot of disheartening stories

From the  girl who was deceived, traveled all the way from Abuja to Lagos where she went to visit her fake Facebook life boyfriend who claims he is living large in a self contain to the girl who got sexually abused, raped and recorded.

Where do you think is the safest place to meet a social media friend, tell us through comment box