Failed Attempt of a Widow Who Tried to Commit Suicide

Widow suicide attempt

Toomakesense gathered that a life unbearable widow had a failed attempt trying to commit suicide according to Nnamdi Victor - Relationship Expert and Councilor

Last Monday being October 1st, a neighbor was about hanging herself if not for the prompt intervention from everyone at home, thanks to the public holiday.

I have been reading about people hanging themselves but last Monday was my first time of seeing someone about to do it. All these while, I have always thought she is a single mum but just got to know last Monday that she is a widow. She sent her 17-year-old daughter to go and buy something for her so that she can have the space to hang herself before she comes back. But luckily for her, the daughter forgot the money she gave her and came back to pick up the money only to find her mum standing on a stool with skipping rope tied to the ceiling fan hook ready to hang herself. The daughter immediately raised alarm, screamed and shouted until everyone rushed to see what was happening only to find out that a neighbor wants to hang herself.
On trying to find out what is the problem, I got to know that she lost her job which is her only means of livelihood, house rent is overdue and the Landlord gave her quit notice a month ago, no food in the house, in fact it was sugar that she sent her daughter to buy so that they can drink garri; she is not in good terms with her late husband's family because they kicked against the marriage and she is even the prime suspect in his death; many many issues that I never knew this lady has been going through. It was really an eye opener to me because I have always thought this lady is over comfortable because of the way she carries and packages herself. Never knew there are many burdens behind such packaging. People are truly going through hell silently these days.
The Good news is that the incident opened the way for her. We finally got to know that she needed help but chose to commit suicide instead of approaching any neighbor for help because she has always portrayed herself as a self sufficient comfortable lady that can't stoop that low to ask for help.
First things first, a neighbor gave her N20k for food stuff while I transferred N150k to her and advised her to look for a good self contained house. Even if the landlord decides to revoke the quit notice and give her more time to renew her rent, I don't think it will be wise for her to continue paying N350k here since she is presently not working.
Finally, I advise everyone to always talk to someone when the burden becomes too heavy to bear. Looking for a way out of your problem does not in anyway reduce your self worth. Talk to that neighbor today; talk to someone. Help can come from anywhere. Not everyone is selfish. Many people are willing to humbly help if they have.
You have to talk to someone!
Thank you!
I took her suicide rope before leaving her house because I don't want to hear stories.