TMSTV TALK: Which Nigerian Artiste Do You Think Is Underrated?

Some artistes become famous and great while others don’t even see the limelight but we all know they are super talented
Then, we have the special hidden gems that posses the potential to be the biggest acts in the world, yet somehow never make it because let’s face it, the world would still act dumb even when good music hit them in the face.
Today, I will be asking TMSTV Fans, who they feel is the most underrated artiste in Nigeria at the moment and why?
As for me I would pick Yung6ix. This guy is just so amazing. with his unique voice that blends to his delivery but so many of us underrate him.

Sadly this guy is underrated for his amazing works. There is hardly a song from him without a Message being passed though even though he could be raw and uncouth at times to make sure you get the message... unlike the noises being celebrated as music and constantly thrown to our faces this days.
His old work ‘6 O Clock‘, to me, should go down as one of the best musical works birthed by the Nigerian Music Industry.
After listening to tracks like PLENTY MONEYFOLLOW ME FT WIZKIDADDICTED, BLESSINGSRESPEK ON MY NAME, MONEY IS RELEVANT FT PERCY (And a lot of them) I was forced to believe he is the man
I had no option than to make him my favorite.
I believe you too have that Nigerian artiste you feel is underrated. Hence, make it known to the world who the artiste is and why you think he/she is underrated.

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