Kizz Daniel Loses Right to Name As G-WORLDWIDE Trademarked “Kizz Daniel”

Kizz Daniel
A couple of weeks ago, we heard that Kiss Daniel changed his name to Kizz Daniel. The move was an effort to outsmart G-Worldwide who were suing for ownership of the name. It seemed as if it was a smart move by the singer. But this is not so.

G-Worldwide recently applied to trademark the name “Kizz Daniel”. The application has now been granted and they own “Kizz Daniel” now. The same way they own the right to “Kiss Daniel”.

This means Kizz Daniel can no longer use his new name.

“Let the whole world also take note that G-Worldwide is also the owner of the name ‘‘Kizz Daniel”.” A statement by G-Worldwide Entertainment confirmed today.

G-Worldwide also said it has issued statement to major distribution outlets to notify them on the use of the name.

“All digital platforms have been put on notice for take down of infringing materials where the name Kizz Daniel is in use, and we have responded to foreign and local media outfits on this issue following calls for clarification.”

“We also wish to formally inform the public that the artiste’s use of the names Kiss Daniel and Kizz Daniel amount to breach of the company’s intellectual property rights.”

This is not bad news entirely.

Kizz Daniel still has other names to choose from. In his debut album, New Era, Daniel gave ample mention to the name “Vado” and “Tuvado”.

If Kizz Daniel and his legal team are in their element, they would quickly take ownership of the names.

Kizz Daniel responded to the latest news.

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