How to Get Free data for All Networks In Nigeria

Last Updated on November 4, 2020 by Kings

How time flies, we are evolving in a more
advanced digital world.  Days have gone
when mobile data are very costly.

From when we used to buy mtn 10mb for 100 Naira to now that you can even get mtn 1gb for 350 Naira.

Ps: I consume a lot of  data weekly because, i literally consume 24GB of data weekly

I want to introduce to you all my friends a new app in town called Dent App. With Dent App you can get as much data as you want and you are not limited to just one network o! You can get mtn free data, glo free data, etisalat free data and airtel free data with this app called Dent App.


To be part of the dent app family and enjoy free data like me, go to playstore to download and install dent app


I assume you have downloaded the app, now Open the dent app you just downloaded and register,  it takes not more than a minute and you can register with any number on any mobile network.

After a successful registration you will be gifted with free dents which you can convert to mobile data of your preferred network.

dent confirmation

How to gain more dents

The more dents you have, the more network data you can accrue. You can get as much as 50gb data from dent app depending on your referral bonus. Share your invitation links to your friends, on Facebook, twitter or any social network and you will be gifted with dents as soon as your friends download and register.