Easy Way to Change Imei of Any Android Phone

Simple Guide to change Imei of Any Android Phone

IMEI is an abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity, it is a 15 to 17 digit number used to track and prevent fraud from stolen phones.

If your phone got stolen and you still have the phone IMEI intact,  then you can prevent your stolen phone from initiating fraudulent calls

Today at toomakesense we will be talking about how to change imei of android phones with Chamelephon, we will elaborate more on this topic later but let’s take a look at

How to Change the IMEI of Android Phone

We will use Chamelephon for this

What is Chamelephon?


Answer: Chamelephon is an android app develped to help you change the IMEI of your Android device quickly and easily.

First off there are couple of reasons you will want to change your device imei but
please note that changing of device imei is illegal in some country.

Third party phones:

You have got a device from a third party and you’ve been wondering what he has done with the phone and how secured are you using the phone?
Well, you should have been safe if you’ve gotten yourself a brand new phone even on a low budget because that’s the only way you got to be sure about the

phone you are using because you never knew how and what crime the owner of the third party phone have commited now thats the disadvantage of a third party phone isn’t it? cheers i’m only kidding

Invalid imei:

I have personally had issues with invalid imei on my Android phone hence prompted me to write this article
I inserted my sim card and tried to work around my phone but nothing was going through, i can’t check my account balance and i can’t browse too

I did my research and i found out a very easy method of changing your device imei which i want to share with you today.


Your phone must have root access (You can check check on google on how to do that)

Now download Chamelephon app get it on Google Play Store

After finished installing, click on Generate new imei, you will see the new generated imei above now click on apply wait till finished now rebooth your phone

and enjoy.

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NB: This is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! you are liable for any illegal use of this tutorial
we bring you this tutorial hoping you stay safe and be up to date!

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